Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 345

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‘Oh, my God! No way, now?’

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Jean and Siris reached out to the waist reflexively.

Talarias, on the other hand, shrugged as if it had happened often, with a bitter smile smeared around his mouth.

“… …the human liver, sealed a thousand years ago, goes beyond Manbing and my strength. Don’t be too surprised. Once the seal was broken by more than half.”

There was only a crack, and Elona in the ice column still had no movement with her eyes closed.

Talaris reached for a crack. Then the energy of the ice flowed out and dug into the crack. Slowly the ice pillars returned to their original form.

Talaris looked very tired just to repair the crack.

“Mother, are you all right?”

“It’s all right. Hmm, I hope you didn’t worry about my son-in-law for nothing. Haha.”

Siris is worried about her mother, not irritated by her son-in-law’s jokes.

“For a thousand years, this woman hasn’t even gotten tired.”

“……do your father also know the existence of Elona Zipple?”

“I know. When I was a young man who didn’t know much about our situation, I didn’t go crazy trying to wake her up and have a fight.”


When Jean asked with her eyes wide open, Talaris burst out laughing.

“Si-on of those days only hoped for a strong enemy to appease him. It didn’t matter at all to your father in the days when she woke up, the fact that she could have had a huge impact on the world.”

It was around that time that Talaris became friends with Ciron. After mixing numerous swords with the poems that come to visit the palace every time, they came to understand each other.

“Of course now your father has come to his senses, and is responsible for the power he has.”

“That responsibility, does it have to do with the Black Sea?”

“Listen to it directly from Ciron. If you still don’t know what’s going on with Siron, it’s because he has an idea.”



“Yes, Mr. Talaris.”

“From today on, you’ve come to join the work of protecting this seal.”

Then Siris opened her eyes round and looked at Talarias.

“Mother? Jean’s an alien……No, you can’t tell. You think you’re a real son-in-law?”

“Then what?”

“You’ve got to say something makes sense……!”

“Well, I never get tired of teasing my daughter. I’m just kidding. I just think that Jean’s ability will be a big help in keeping this seal. It’s been a hard time for me to handle by myself. I can’t give you the ice already.”

It was unimaginable for Siris. The fact that your mother might try to rely on Jean for something.

I was upset that I couldn’t help my mother, but I couldn’t help it. If my mother’s judgment was so, I had to follow it.

Siris, who had arranged his thoughts for a moment, reached out to Jean. Jean looked at the hand and held it together.

“I want you to know that this is not an alliance between the palace and the Looncandel. This is an alliance of individuals, Vigung and Jean Looncandel.”

“I like you more, too.”

In fact, Siris also did not dislike the palace being close to Qin.

Having lived as the only daughter of a tragic princess, she was not used to the relationship of “friend.” Jean was the only friend of her age.

“I didn’t like you fooled me when you first met me. He’s not bad, though.’

Except for the first meeting, Siris had had a good impression of Jean ever since. Otherwise, he would not have joined the operation to take away the compass.

“Oh, it looks great. Two people. Daughter, how. Mom, can you make room for me? Would you like to have some good time alone?”

“You don’t have to, Mother.”

“Yes. See you later, daughter.”


Mott opened the white portal.

Talarias rode a mot and returned to the palace outside, leaving two men behind. Jean and Siris are the only two, no. With three left until Elona in the ice column, I had no choice but to stare at the place where Talaris had left.

In an instant, there was an awkward air flow between the two.

“……your mother is a bit eccentric, so I’d appreciate it if you could understand, Jean.”

“Of course, you seem to be more normal than my father.”

After one conversation, there was another silence.

‘It’s inconvenient.’


A few seconds later, two people opened their mouths at the same time.

“Excuse me.

“Mr. Siris.”


“Tell me first.”

Jean blurt out the last word. It was actually because I had nothing to say.

“……by any chance.”


“Do they transform, too?”

“It’s a transformation……? Who are they?”

“The water you brought me. They’re butterfly looncans…… No, like your black dragon. Are you transforming into a creepy human being?”

Smile almost came out.

But she managed to hold back her laughter because she would be embarrassed.

“No, they’re really Su-in, not dragons. Only dragons can transform.”

“Good thing.”

“If they were all dragons, they would have been quite reliable.”

“I still get goose bumps sometimes when I think of the cute cat I saw at the banquet as the black faraway. You’ve been so condescending to me at the banquet hall.




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On second thought, Siris narrowed the middle of his forehead.

“You didn’t leave me until the feast was over. You were in my arms when I went to see you duel with a guy named Bubar.”

Oh! I’m so glad I was able to attend this banquet. I never thought I could meet the successor of Sigung at such a short distance! Nice to meet you, Siris Endorma, right? I’m Veradin…….

Get out of my way.

Oh, old times.

By the way, be careful of the cat. He’s been slapping me in the face before, haha. He’s very fierce.

She recalled the conversation she had with Veradin at the time and told Jean.

Veradin, the thought of how he is doing now made my heart heavy.

“It’s frustrating to hear nothing from you. I don’t think Dante’s heard anything yet. Not only do I invite you to the Hylan banquet, but I’ll also ask you to go to the Jipple banquet.’

In the midst of many thoughts, Siris kept talking about Looncandel’s banquets.

She didn’t have very many memories of her growing up, as few of her peers knew except Jean. It has always been trained only for training and mission.

So Siris herself did not recognize it, but the banquet was a special memory for her.

Jin, who suddenly felt the fact, made eye contact with Siris.

He also let go of his childhood and boyhood without any memories in his previous life.

‘Unlike me back then, Siris has achieved growth. You must have been bored.’

Maybe he was lonely, too.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“Just, there’s nowhere else to look. Siris.”


“Come to Tikan often. You’re an ally now, Siris. You’re my colleague.”

Siris has always been considered a colleague. However, she was unlikely to think so either, so she didn’t have to speak out.

“I’m not used to going out.”

“So did I.”

“But I don’t think it’s bad. Playing, it makes me feel a little excited.”

Siris was cold and cold in most situations, but not a disingenuous sort.

Since her birth, she has always lived a life of devotion as a successor to the palace, but she was also a person and a girl who was not even twenty yet.

Of course, there are times when you want to interact with others, and when you want to play without thinking.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“But why don’t you slowly drop the honorifics, too? You’re the only one who keeps using honorifics, so something’s wrong.”

Siris swallowed the horse.

Talking comfortably to each other would naturally get closer to Jean, as the speed would likely cause confusion in his mind.

“By the way, I don’t know when Mother will ever open the door.”

“You’ll be here by the end of the day. Let’s have a chat until then.”

“Sudara, I didn’t expect that word to come out of your mouth.”

“I like it.”

* * *

It was the next morning that Talaris opened the door.

Until then, the two only felt that time had passed by so quickly because they had spent the night talking pleasantly.

Talarias seemed a bit disappointed by that alone, but they both had fun.

“Have you come, sir!”

As soon as Jean got out of the palace, she found Tikan. Now that the problem of small numbers has been solved, I had to stop by Tikan only and return to the Sword Garden.

“How did you get the call? Butler Petro said Nari was away, and Lucas said Nari had not left the palace yet.”

“Did you contact me? Why?”

“The customer is here.”


“He, Aria Outhart, is…….”

“Where are you?”

“It’s in Ratri’s refreshment store.”

The line was long even though it was morning.

Through the secret passage leading to the refreshment store (too many customers, recently installed), Jin entered the kitchen straight away, and was able to identify Valeria sitting on one side of the table.

And as soon as I saw her, I swallowed a smile in my heart.

‘You’re using the gold snow products very well.’

Black-haired hair and five-year-olds looked so old that their makeup looked so natural that it looked very natural.

Jean took her place in front of Valeria.

“I didn’t know you’d come this far. You said it as if you didn’t need it, and you’re using the products well.”

“It’s not bad. You’d make a lot of money. I heard you got a second spirit bead.”

Valeria was determined not to say a word of private talk. Jean expected it to be.


“Show me once. Check out what it is.”

“Isn’t there too much eyes to see here? Let’s move.”

“This is the seat you can only see in the kitchen. The dragon of truth in the kitchen is four people, so it doesn’t matter. I guess the same goes for the sorcerer who lost his magic.”

Valeria’s unwillingness to move was due to her judgment that this side was much safer.

“You know everything. Veris, even if you read the flow of mana, it’s highly confidential for Ratri to tolerate the truth.”

I found out about Latri by checking the records.

“My existence was also top secret. Show me the recording device. Check if it’s broken again this time.”

Jin took out the spirit beads from his bosom when he attacked Joshua’s villa.

Valeria did the recording magic right away, insignificant, and no one really saw it in the refreshment store, as she said.

The blue mana wrapped the beads around it.

After a while, Jean once again saw Valeria’s eyes slanted to the left.

I could confirm my old habit.

Are you confused by the marble? What is it?’

The recording magic blue mana has disappeared.

“How is it? Is it broken again?”

The answer from Valeria at the next moment was simply unthinkable.

“……I don’t think this belongs to Soldierlet?”

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