The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 325

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325. Gap (1)

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Celestial religion.

A religious group that at some point gained influence all over the world.

Those who belonged there were each made up of strong men who had spread their names widely as hunters or challengers.

The appearance of powerful people who became members of the Celestial Sect, as if it had been this way from the beginning.

Contrary to what is known to the public, the Celestial Sect’s followers, who have nothing in common except for their skills, did not enter there through their own will.

That’s right… … .

[You are here, apostle. ]

Because anyone has no choice but to submit to a monster that has reached the level of godhood.

“… … yes. Lord, “Akiyoshi Yuuta, the apostle of the Heavenly God Church, has arrived.”

Akiyoshi Yuuta.

A top contender and a promising genius who was once pointed out as Japan’s next powerhouse.

However, the confident appearance of the past was nowhere to be seen in his prostration, wearing a light blue robe like a cult member.

“… … As you instructed, I have taken care of all matters pertaining to Han Seong-yoon.”

An underground altar where not even a ray of light enters.

The sight of Yuuta Akiyoshi bowing to the person sitting across from him was filled with awe and despair.

But Akiyoshi Yuuta did not think it was humiliating.


To be more precise, I was only glad that I could survive by worshiping the monster in front of me.

‘… … After all, he is a being like the sky that no one can defeat.’

It was worth it.

Unlike idiots like Eric or Jiang Wei, Yuuta Akiyoshi was able to gauge the power of the cult leader, even if only in a shallow way.

Is it because he was selected as an apostle and received divine power from the leader of the Celestial Church?

Suddenly, Akiyoshi Yuuta was able to sense to some extent the power of the monster in front of him.

The power of the Celestial Church leader, already reflected in his eyes, is not just a woman, but a kind of living natural disaster that touches providence.

Everything he had built up until now would disappear with just one gesture from her.

And the living treasure looked down at Akiyoshi Yuuta with a benevolent smile as if he was satisfied.

[Hehe. Good job. Yuuta. Certainly, you are most useful here. I was disappointed because there were only boring things on Earth. ]

“… … “That is too much to say.”

[With this, when Han Seong-yoon returns, no one will regard him as an object of faith. ]

“… … “Maybe so.”

The leader of the Heavenly God Church nodded his head and his eyes sparkled.

Just like a star shining in the night sky, a sparkle of divinity arose in her eyes.

A noble form of light that seems to have been taken from the starlight beyond.

However, contrary to the sparkle of noble divinity, the mouth of the Celestial Sect leader had an infinitely obscene smile on his face.

[The power of the Godhead is all derived from faith. ]

A laugh with infinitely deep malice.

[ In any case, Han Seong-yoon is only a minor deity, so if he eliminates all faith on Earth, he will not be able to use his power. ]


[You said you were busy climbing the tower, right? Insignificantly. Seongyoon Han. It will most likely feel like it has lost its power and will return to Earth late. ]

The leader of the Celestial Sect continued speaking, tapping his fingers on the armrest as if excited.

[ okay. And after returning late, he will become subordinate to his wife like a dog. Hehehe. I’m really looking forward to that time. ]

An expression like that of a child who is excited to receive a gift on his birthday.

[Even though he is just a mischievous spirit who has not lived for even a hundred years, well, he would be worthy of being made into the main woman’s beloved apostle… … . ]

However, that joy was far from childlike innocence.

Her only intention was to capture Han Seong-yoon and intimidate him into becoming her servant.

The leader of the Heavenly God Church smiled with low anticipation, and lowered his eyes clouded with desire.

[ … … Ah, now that I think about it, what happened to the gathering of challengers from all over the world? ]

“… … The place for that too has already been prepared. Centered around David Taylor, the great mage in London, many powerful people from all over the world will gather.”

[Then, with this, preparations for the grand plan are completed. ]

“That’s right.”

The moment the head of the Cheonshin Church raised his hand as if he understood and gave the order to congratulate the guests.

[ i get it. Once the arrangements for her place are complete, the main woman will personally go and make those little things her servants. So, let’s continue preparing for her great succession without any worries. ]

Suddenly, a red aura filled with murderous intent appeared in her eyes.

“The god of the sky smiles expectantly as he thinks about conquering the earth.”

[Anyway, getting everything here is too easy for the main woman. ]


Although there was a slight commotion, the relationship with the Celestial Church was quickly resolved.

“… … “Ha, we will take care of any traces of Celestialism related to challenger Han Seong-yoon, so you don’t have to worry.”

It was worth it.

As soon as I finished talking with Eric, Kim Ik-cheol, the representative of the Seoul Hunter Association, spoke to me like that.

Is it because of the overwhelming difference in rank he showed when dealing with Jiang Wei before?

He was feeling a bit of awe, anxiety, and nervousness.

And at a very dark level.

‘In fact, is it close to the level of openly thinking of it as a monster?’

It wasn’t that strange.

Unlike the magic power that existed originally, divine power is an ability that lies beyond common sense.

He has even mastered the power beyond common sense to the level of an ancient god, so even a decent challenger will not feel like a human being.


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‘Well, there’s no need to refuse to do what I had to do anyway.’

But now that I’m used to being treated like this, it doesn’t really bother me.

I just think it’s convenient to have someone else do the work I need to do.

In fact, the work was done very neatly.

But is it not so visible to others?

“… … Mr. Seongyoon.”

Lee Ha-yeon, who arrived at the conference hall late in the day, asked as if she was dumbfounded.

“What the hell is this…?” … ?”

She looked at the completely shattered marble floor and then looked at where Jiang Wei had fallen.

Could it be that the slight(?) kick to the head at that time was stronger than I thought?

Jiang Wei was still drooling and couldn’t regain his senses.

“… … Off, off.”

However, Jiang Wei only faintly moaned as if he was still alive.

However, you could tell just by looking at its appearance that it was not in good condition.

And Lee Ha-yeon, who saw that, looked pale and said as if she was anxious.

“Well, it’s not like you were trying to kill someone in a place like this… … ?”

“No way. She only fainted slightly. maybe.”

“Maybe… … .”

“At least he wouldn’t have died.”

If you’re unlucky, you could end up with permanent brain dysfunction… … .

Still, considering that they are the world’s best, wouldn’t they have paid the price for making modifications here?

At least the fact that he didn’t cut off his life was considered enough.

And when I briefly explained that fact, Lee Ha-yeon nodded and smiled bitterly as if she understood to some extent.

“still… … “Anyway, with this, the matter of Celestial Religion has been resolved.”

“… … .”

“Now, the Celestial Church will not be able to use Seongyun’s name freely.”

“It should be so, but that doesn’t mean it’s over.”

But I had no choice but to shake my head and deny Lee Ha-yeon’s words.

“Because the Celestial Sect will probably continue to be a nuisance until the end.”

It was worth it.

If it is true that he has ascended to the position of official deity as the leader of the Celestial Religion believes, the situation will probably be much more complicated than this.

If I don’t at least resolve the situation, it will most likely be the worst.

So, I felt the need to resolve this situation myself before the situation on Earth takes a turn for the worst.

“And the Celestial Church itself is kind of a trap to begin with.”

Even more than anything, I couldn’t back down when I read Cheonshinyo’s intention.

If the leader of the Celestial Religion really did what I think, it would be like a kind of trick.

They’re probably planning on bringing me back to this Earth and subjugating me.

Even though I noticed that fact, I had no intention of backing down.

However, perhaps because it had nothing to do with deity, Lee Ha-yeon tilted her head and expressed doubt as if she was confused.

“What on earth is that…?” … ?”

But I had no intention of explaining everything to her here.

“… … “I don’t think I can explain it here yet.”

Of course, there are too many eyes to see this place to talk about the Godhead.

“ah… … . That’s it too. I understood.”

And Lee Ha-yeon, who seemed to have vaguely noticed this, nodded.

“In that case, let’s continue the conversation outside… … .”

“no. Rather than that, it would be better to see it with your own eyes.”

“… … ?”

“It’s just a guess, but if it goes as I think, it looks like something big will happen soon.”

But even so, there was no need to explain it right away.

“Let’s go to London first.”

Anyway, sooner or later I will be able to make her understand this too.

“Maybe we can end everything there.”

That too for sure.


An old abandoned building in London.

Because it was late in the day, challengers from all over the world gathered in a place where not even a little light penetrated.

In fact, even though it was an event that would not be officially recorded, there were almost no people who were invited but did not attend.

“With this, I can now see the face of the famous Celestial Cult leader?”

It was worth it.

This was an unofficial meeting held to warn the Celestial Church leader.

That’s because vicious Celestialists were established all over the world and provoked them.

In fact, it was safe to say that this place was held, led by David Taylor, to warn the Celestial Church leaders to stop their undesirable missionary activities.

“Even so, the Celestial Sect leader, that rotten bastard, makes me want to overthrow the whole thing.”

Chen Xiaoling.

A woman who is considered the best among challengers from China.

Before I knew it, a nervous-eyed woman sitting on one of the abandoned furniture in an abandoned building said that.

And as if taking her words as a starting point, the challengers located here and there moved their lips.

“… … Maybe. An apostle of Celestialism. That guy said the Celestial Cult leader was coming, so that’s probably why.”

As soon as Catherine Bennett said that while smoothing her red hair, David Taylor nodded.

“… … In fact, the leader of the Celestial Sect is here to spread the gospel for nothing. So you don’t have to think that he won’t come.”

And the challengers who listened to those words in silence expressed their dissatisfaction one by one.

“Damn it! Because of those bastards, the guys in my guild have transferred to the Celestial Church! Do you know how big the loss is to the guild?”

“Wouldn’t that be the same either way? Cheonsingyo, those bastards believe in Han Seong-yoon and do all kinds of crazy things.”

“no. In the first place, there is no way that Han Seong-yoon is really a member of the Celestial Church. “It’s just that those crazy bastards are playing tricks on Han Seong-yoon, who doesn’t even exist.”

The moment when the challengers ground their teeth and let their complaints flow like lava.

Jerk, jerk.

“—No, no. “That’s not a lie.”

Suddenly, a man with a gloomy face appeared from somewhere in the dark of an abandoned building.

“Anyway, challenger Han Seong-yoon will join the Celestial Church before long… … .”

Akiyoshi Yuuta, known as the official apostle of the Celestial Church, appeared and said so.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon is definitely our servant who belongs to the Heavenly God Church… … .”

However, as he continued speaking, Chen Xiaoling became angry and laughed.

“Don’t be damned. Even if Han Seong-yoon had no thoughts, would he be influenced by a cult like you? The scum… … .”

And it was no different for Catherine Bennett.

“… … What do you say you know about Seongyoon? “If that person were there, you guys wouldn’t have even been able to make a sound.”

As soon as Catherine Bennett said that with angry eyes, the others also added one word at a time.

“Are you puffing yourself up just because you have a few ranker level challengers?”

“hot! “Sect leader, even if that bastard isn’t Han Seong-yoon, I can handle him!”

“Do you guys have any problems with your brain function? “If that’s the case, I could split your head open and fix it.”


“That’s ridiculous.”

The moment when Akiyoshi Yuuta parted the corner of his mouth as if it was ridiculous.

“─But, it’s good.”

Just like that, the sky light shimmered behind him and the space there widened.

“… … It would be nice to see it with your own eyes. “What kind of power does the leader of the Celestial Religion, the god of heaven, have?”

And accordingly, a beauty with sky-blue hair appeared behind Akiyoshi Yuuta.

The appearance of sparkling eyes as if all the starlight in the night sky were compressed.

As if that wasn’t enough, each of the challengers expressed astonishment at the divinity flowing from her.

but… … .

“What is this…?” … .”

[It’s obscene. ]

And that only lasted a moment.

“The god of the sky feels displeased with all these things standing around.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!



“K-keu! “What is this!”

In an instant, an overwhelming force crushed the space, and the challengers were thrown to the floor.

[Is this all it is? ]

As soon as he saw that, the leader of the Celestial Religion, the God of Heaven, smiled bitterly.

[Be foolish. ]


Soon, the force pressing down on the space became stronger and no one was able to make a sound.

[Okay, at least this is nice to see. ]

Only then did the heavenly god begin to speak as if he liked it.

[Those who have so far rejected Her Grace, you should know that you are blessed. ]

She continued speaking as if she were a shepherd leading her lambs.

[You were unable to comply with the great grace, but the original woman herself broke it for you. ]


[There is nothing to be so dissatisfied with. Even if you don’t understand it yet, you will understand it when the time comes. Your submission will one day be rewarded. ]

The moment the God of Heaven continued speaking, stretching out his arms as if he was giving a great speech.

[The original woman… … , will become the one and only, immortal ruler of this Earth. And, by becoming an ancient god, I will reward lambs like you. ]

Suddenly, without knowing where, a voice mixed with a fishy laugh was heard.

[An ancient deity? ]


[Like you? ]

The moment when the god of the sky raised his eyes upward, following the source of the voice.

[ uh… … ? ]

Her eyes vibrated violently, as if an earthquake had occurred.

[What is this… … . ]

That’s right… … .

[Oh, it’s an ancient deity… … ? ]

Before she knew it, the space in the ceiling had been torn, and someone was looking down at her through the gap.

[ Now that I think about it… … . ]

And the man sitting beyond him said with a grin.

[I’ve done a lot of interesting things on Earth so far. ]

It’s no different… … .

“I look down at the God of Sky as if the God of Transcendence and Death are not the same.”

[ Since you made such a modification, you must be confident that you can take care of it, right? Celestial God. ]

It was Han Seong-yoon.

The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 324The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 326
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