The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 390

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390. 27th floor (1)

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「Special conditions have been met by absorbing the spirit of the Void God, ‘Emperor Pacheon’.」

「You can acquire one of the divinity possessed by the ghost of the god of the void, ‘Emperor Pacheon’.”

“The potential divinity that can currently be acquired is <Void>, <Heavenly Light>, <Dark Heaven>, and <Paradise>.”

「※At this time, the uneven potential divinity will not appear as an option in the future.」

Divine selection.

I whetted my appetite as I looked at the options made up of system messages.

Should I say that it feels like I have a huge bucket of honey right in front of me?

Isn’t it like unintentionally picking up a treasure chest on the side of the road?

‘Perhaps some of these are deities given directly by the tower… … .’

In fact, all of Emperor Pacheon’s divinity is the same as what he received from the Tower of Trials.

‘If you can pick that, it will be a pretty good harvest.’

I was looking forward to it.

What kind of deities did the tower give to Emperor Pacheon?

And what kind of divinity are they, and what kind of synergy can they create with the divinity here?

With a smile on my face, I tapped the blade of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword and looked at the system message happily.

‘For now, shall we exclude the sacred <Void> and look at it?’

There was no need to choose the sacred <Void>.

Because the sacred <Void> ability introduced by Emperor Pacheon was ‘Divine Seal’.

That is not an ability that should be gained by wasting the opportunity to choose the divinity of the concept.

This was even more so because I had the ‘Black Mirror of Purity (SSS+)’, an item that could be compared to the sacred <Void>.

‘There is no particular need for the sacred <Heavenly Light>.’

Also, I knew that the sacred <Cheongwang> was useless to me because I already had a record written by Emperor Pacheon in advance.

At best, it is at the level of emitting rays of light made of divinity.

In that case, it was clear that sacred <Heavenly Light> was unnecessary as long as there were area skills such as holy light or unquenchable mortal flame.

‘Then there are two options left.’

If you have to choose, you have to choose between the sacred <Dark Heaven> or the sacred <Paedo>.

‘Is it the sacred <Amcheon>, or the sacred <Paedo>?’

The worries didn’t last long.

With only two of the four options left, the rest must now depend on luck.

Either succeed or fail.

All we could do was hope for luck.

But there was no need to worry.

“… … .”

It was natural.

“Selection completed.”

“The sacred <dark spring> is replaced with potential.”

Until now, I have rarely suffered a loss from relying on pure luck.

“The sacred <dark spring> is used.”

“The sacred <Dark Heaven> changes the area by turning it into a dedicated battlefield.”

「In a dedicated battlefield where the sacred <Dark Heaven> is used, living creatures other than challenger Han Seong-yoon fall into a ‘weakened’ state.”

and… … .


It was no different this time.

“… … .”

In the blink of an eye, black clouds appeared all over the floating island, and the entire space itself seemed to be separated.

“really… … .”

That means only one thing.

“You’re lucky.”

I chose the right option.

“On dedicated battlefields where the divinity <Dark Heaven> is used, challenger Han Seong-yoon’s concept divinity is strengthened by +100%.”

And that too, very well.


Dark spring.

The concept of divinity itself meant a dark sky, but the effect was not that dark.

A level that feels incredibly bright again.

Well, the enemies who entered the exclusive battlefield of the sacred <Dark Heaven> would feel despair due to their ‘weakened state’, but that was none of my business.

“This… … .”

Before I knew it, I gained confidence as I looked around the exclusive battlefield made up of the sacred <Dark Heaven>.

“It’s awesome, right?”

I am confident that this is the best option.

Should we say that it is a kind of sacred realm constructed from sacred <dark heaven>?

This was the result of dividing the real space based on the divinity of the concept.

If we had to be specific, it would have to be said that it only focuses on combat, unlike the existing method of amplifying and applying the effect of concept divinity in the sacred area.

‘Is it possible for the sacred <Dark Heaven> to change all the effects of the sacred realm into buffs suitable for battle?’

Perhaps the sacred <Dark Heaven> builds the effects of the sacred realm to be suitable for battle rather than the supernormal abilities of the sacred itself… … .


It was the best.


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Just by standing here, I can get the effect of strengthening my concept divinity by +100%?

It was to the point where one had strong doubts as to why Emperor Pacheon did not utilize the sacred <Damcheon> in earnest.

‘no. It’s not that I don’t understand it at all. The sacred <Dark Heaven> has a high consumption rate of sacred power. It’s probably not at a level that Emperor Pacheon can handle.’

Of course, there is speculation as to why that was the case.

Even with the amount of sacred power this side has, it is difficult to sustain the sacred <Dark Heaven>.

Presumably, Emperor Pacheon abandoned his divine power and took on physical ability, so it was clear that he did not even have enough divine power to use the sacred <Dark Heaven>.

‘That’s really stupid.’

In response, I looked down at Emperor Pacheon’s corpse and gave a cold look as if I was criticizing his foolishness.

‘He will be the first and last person to give divinity to something like vague physical abilities.’

To be honest, it’s still hard to understand, isn’t it?

A concept at the same level as divinity <fighting spirit>, it is not an overwhelming physical ability that can rival divinity, but it is simply a power that cannot surpass the category of mortals, so divinity is used as a discard.


There was no need to look at it from the perspective of those who had reached the level of ancient deities.

It’s just that anyone who knows the importance of divinity will answer that it was a foolish choice.

Let alone what could be considered the best decision, it is a decision that should be considered the worst.

However, just for a moment.

“… … .”

Just like that, I looked down at Emperor Pacheon’s body and then turned my gaze elsewhere.

Anyway, there is nothing to be gained by thinking about the foolishness of the loser.

In that case, the priority is to confirm the supernormal abilities of the divine <Dark Heaven>.

‘by the way… … .’


“The sacred <Remorse> is used.”

“It can interfere with the past concept of time.”

“However, if the interference is unrelated to the user of Holy <Repentance>, the Holy Spirit’s activation will be cancelled.”

The moment when I tested how far the concept of divinity could be strengthened based on the supernormal abilities of the divinity <Dark Heaven>.

“Is this a 100% enhancement of the concept of divinity?”

I had to marvel at the sight that unfolded before my eyes.

Originally, the divinity <Remorse> obtained from the demon world would have had the ability to slightly interfere with the concept of time and make time pass slowly.

At best, the divine <Remorse> was only a weak thing that slowed down or weakly fixed time in the surrounding space.

But not anymore.


In an instant, the destroyed scenes throughout the floating island are restored.

As if turning back time itself… … .

That is, now the divine <Repentance> is no longer at the level of making time pass slowly or fixing it weakly, but is now able to turn back time itself.

“… … .”

It’s not even just that.

‘I can feel it.’

Has the strengthening of the concept of divinity led to some kind of conceptual change?

‘Has some of the concepts of divinity changed slightly?’

The phenomenon of reversing the time of the sacred <Remorse> has become semi-permanent.

Should I say that as long as I live, I will be able to continue my divine abilities indefinitely?

Considering that the original divine <Remorse> caused a temporary fixation of time, or a phenomenon in which time goes back only slightly, this would be a huge change.

And not only that, it seemed that it was possible for the sacred <Remorse> to exert greater influence by designating only a certain target.

‘It seems that the continuity related to the divine effect and the operability itself have improved.’

It wasn’t just a thought, it was a reality.

The moment when sacred <Remorse> was applied to the outside of the place where I was standing.

In an instant, traces of destruction throughout the floating island disappeared from where I was standing.

In an infinitely clean manner, as if to erase all traces of the fierce battle that took place here.

―What the hell is this…? … .

And Dam Cheon-woo, who saw that, spat out words as if he were dumbfounded.

―Is it possible to not only turn back time itself, but also to some extent perfectly control it…? … .

A voice tinged with astonishment, as if he couldn’t believe it even though he had seen it himself.

But I wasn’t very moved.

This is what I expected anyway.

―Even if it is possible to semi-permanently fix or reverse time, even if it is just a part of it, then aren’t you a monster even by the standards of high-ranking gods…? … .

“I guess so. However, there are still many shortcomings. “Remorse is a concept that has many limitations.”

-her. That’s because you’re asking for too much. Even if it is possible to turn back or fix time only within the sacred <Dark Heaven>, this can turn back time itself semi-permanently, right?

“Still, the limits will be clear.”

―… … ?

“It’s simple.”

Just like that, I stopped activating my sacred <Remorse> and answered while touching my chin with regret.

“In a battle with an enemy that is a high-ranking god or an ancient god, the divine <Remorse> will only be at the level of tying one’s feet.”

It was worth it.

Even if the divine <Remorse> can be powerfully exerted by specifying only a certain target, it cannot completely stop the divine time.

Of course, if you are at the level of an official god, you will be able to stop time without difficulty… … .

At that point, if you reached the level of a high-ranking god or ancient god, you could break down the divine effect purely with your holy resistance ability.

“At best, sacred <Remorse> is just a kind of restraint skill level in combat.”

however… … .

“In a fierce battle with an ancient god, he won’t be able to show much activity other than restraint.”

There is no such thing as disappointment.

“But my other concepts of divinity are different.”

In any case, the concept of divinity this side has is not just the divinity <remorse>.

Divine <Transcendence>, Divine <Death>, Divine <Fighting Spirit>, Divine <Spirit>, Divine <Victory>, etc… … .

The divinity of the concept that I had acquired as a reward for climbing the tower and defeating numerous powerful enemies each time was settled within my body.

“The divinity of all my countless concepts has been greatly strengthened, right?”

Aren’t these the trajectories of the never-ending struggle that this side has built up and a symbol of the victors who have repeatedly turned the tables?

“therefore… … .”


“You can look forward to how strong the concepts I have built so far will become.”

That means only one thing.

Even though I am originally only at the beginning of the ancient godhood, I can still reach a high level, albeit imperfectly.

There is a possibility of winning by fighting against gods of darkness, or ancient deities that have existed for a long time, such as demon gods or dragon gods.

Even if it is an infinitely small probability, it will be so.

‘At least it will be at a level where it can compete with other ancient gods.’

But I was not mistaken.

This only achieved the possibility of struggling with ancient gods of high rank, such as the God of Darkness or the Dragon God.

Even if numerous concepts of divinity are strengthened based on the divinity <Dark Heaven>, the probability of this side being defeated is overwhelmingly high.

I recognized that for sure.

‘Even so, it’s still just an expedient method.’

There were many possibilities for this side to lose.

Probably, if the opponent destroys the sacred <Dark Heaven> with a counter, or if the opponent does not fight on a dedicated battlefield built with the sacred <Dark Heaven>, the fight will not even take place.

It’s not that I didn’t see such a case while actually climbing the tower.

As I watched this side counter the power it had over and over again, I became greedy and tried to get as many cards as possible to be able to counter it as much as possible.

Because I knew that, I didn’t feel arrogant.

‘Even if I become an ancient god, I don’t have the same status as a god of darkness or a demon god.’

In a fierce battle where each other’s lives are at stake, no matter how many cards are hidden, it is simply not enough.

Just as I gained a lot of strength by climbing the tower… … .

Ancient gods must also have lived immortal lives, so they would have enough cards to deal with them.

Even if the sacred <Dark Heaven> possesses tremendous abilities, there will be plenty of ways to destroy it on the other side.

‘Still, it’s nice to get a great move.’

Of course, if we can use the sacred <Dark Heaven>, we will be able to fight against ancient gods, so there are no complaints.

“Then it seems like the confirmation of divinity is over with this… … .”

Immediately after I retrieved all of my divine power and picked up a purple gem that had fallen around the corpse of Emperor Pacheon.

“Now, is there one thing left to do?”

In an instant, system messages appeared as if announcing the end of the event.

“The challenger ‘Hunter’ has taken over the ‘Void Stone’ of the dimensional cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]>.”

Void stone.

It is like a key directly connected to the victory of the dimensional cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]>.

As soon as I got it in my hands, system messages started acting as if announcing the birth of a new winner.

“The control rate of the ‘Void Stone’ in the Dimension Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> is gradually increasing.”

“The challenge ends when the control rate of the ‘Void Stone’ on the floating island reaches 100%.”

“However, you can steal it from your opponent until the control rate of the ‘Void Stone’ reaches 100%.”

“The ‘Void Stone’ of Dimensional Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> is occupied by the challenger ‘Hunter’.”

Suddenly, the system messages I saw when I entered the dimensional cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> reappeared.

“… … .”

It was obvious why.

It is probably showing that I should be nervous because I could lose the ‘Void Stone’ to another challenger.

It seems to be appealing that the Dimension Cradle event is still not over… … .

However, despite this, I didn’t feel any tension at all.

Even so, the ending in which this side will be the final winner has already been decided.

“The ‘Void Stone’ control rate of Dimension Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> increases by 1%.”

“The ‘Void Stone’ control rate of Dimension Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> increases by 1%… … .」

“The ‘Void Stone’ control rate of Dimensional Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> is above 1%… … .」

and… … .

「… … .」

“Conditions satisfied.”

“The winner of Dimensional Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> was decided to be the challenger ‘Hunter.’”

It wasn’t difficult to achieve it.

“Cleared the challenge of Dimension Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]>.”

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, a ‘dimension-exclusive barrier (EX)’ will be granted to Earth.」

「※‘Bracelets of Sorting and Wealth (A+)’ will be sent to your inventory as a reward for success in the challenge.」

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, a ‘Skill Mastery Increase Potion (A+)’ will be sent to your inventory.」

“After clearing the final stage, all challengers will soon return to their respective dimensions.”

Now, the time to return to the Tower of Trials was approaching.

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