The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 140

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 140>

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“I was sorry last time.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not even the player’s fault, he’s annoyed… … .”

At the time of the Ha Yu-ri assault incident, were you talking about how the director’s office glared at you?

Seong Ji-han answered indifferently.

“it’s okay. It’s because of my younger brother. I understand.”

“Thank you for saying that. however. that… … .”

Ha Yeon-ju hesitated for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“I. I’m really sorry, but I have to visit Yuri… … “Can you please come with me just once?”

“A visit to the hospital?”

“yes. It hasn’t been long since Yuri regained consciousness, and he was so depressed and blaming himself… … “He said that because of him, Russia would be ruined.”

“Didn’t it end well?”

“Well, that’s true though.”

Top star Hayuri.

Ha Yeon-ju knew well about her younger brother’s popularity.

The most successful female actress in the 21st century.

Her success as an actress was largely due to her innocent beauty that shook the Asian world rather than her acting skills.

Since Ha Yu-ri received overwhelming support from men, I thought she would easily say yes if I asked her to visit the hospital with me… … .

“I’m sorry, but I have to level up today.”

“Yeah, right… … I… … .”

Ha Yeon-ju looked embarrassed when Seong Ji-han flatly refused.

Yoon Se-ah, who was watching it from behind, came forward as if she was frustrated.

“ah. uncle. It’s a game, just go and play it! “He came to see his uncle and got into an accident.”

“Did I come here? And if you want to go to the hospital, you have to go too. “What about Akari?”

“Oh, is that so? “Akari and I have a lot of baggage.”

“Oh, it’s a burden! are you okay! “I’ll prepare a limousine!”

Ha Yeon-ju said hurriedly.

He realized that Yoon Se-ah held the clue that could persuade Seong Ji-han.

“Hey, Ms. Se-ah, wouldn’t you like to come visit us in the hospital?”

“me too? Yuri won’t be happy with me… … .”

“no! We talked a lot about Se-Ah. “Someone has appeared to take your place.”

“Ugh. How dare I… … How can you take Ha Yeon-joo’s place! “This is ridiculous!”

Yoon Se-ah waved her hand.

Ha Yeon-ju, leader of the national team’s archers.

After the Sword King left, she was the most powerful player in Korea.

Yoon Se-ah, who was now only silver, was not a person he could dare compare with.

“is it so. Miss Se-ah was also an archer, right? How about it? If you don’t mind, I can go with you and give you some advice… … .”


When Yoon Se-ah heard those words, she looked at Seong Ji-han with sparkling eyes.

“Samchoon… … .”

The person I admire most in the same class gives me advice directly.

How could you miss this opportunity?

‘I am indeed.’

Ha Yeon-joo, you accurately identified who you are targeting.

Seong Ji-han nodded.

“I’ll just go say hello and log into the game. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, of course! Thank you for just saying yes. “I’ll call a limo right away!”

Ha Yeon-joo’s face lit up.

* ? * ? *

Inside the large limousine sung by Ha Yeon-ju.

“Sea. There is no need not to use accuracy correction items just for training. Rather, it is helpful to compare them by putting them on and taking them off.”

“ah. sister. okay! I was really curious about that… … !”

Ha Yeon-joo and Yoon Se-ah, who had already spoken, couldn’t stop talking about why they had so much to say.

As if to repay Yoon Se-ah, who made a great contribution in bringing in Seong Ji-han, Ha Yeon-joo was giving as much tips as possible to help her grow as a senior archer.

‘It’s rewarding to visit the hospital.’

As Seong Ji-han thought this, he thought about Ha Yeon-ju from his last life.

Possessing an SS-level gift and ‘focused sniping’, she showed optimal abilities in team games rather than individual games.

‘When she hits the target, there is a significant correction effect on the accuracy and damage of allies.’

The characteristic of the Korean archers was concentrated fire that clearly neutralized the opposing players one by one.

Ha Yeon-joo’s gift was the key here.

‘So after she was killed in the Space League, the Korean national team, which was already at its best, fell further into the abyss.’

In Space League matches, top players from around the world are selected.

Ha Yeon-ju was also selected as one of the archers.

Died in a match with an elf.

‘If you die in the game, you can be resurrected with just GP… … .’

The World Association, which held the Space League for the first time, fell into the Elf Alliance’s trap and made a huge mistake.

There were so many top players who died in the match against them, so the absence of players lost at this time had a big impact later on.


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In the end, the disaster in the first year was the biggest reason why Earth’s league rankings continued to hover at the bottom.

‘Ha Yeon-ju. ‘You won’t die because of me this time.’

Since I’ve returned, I can’t be attacked by the elf twice.

While Seong Ji-han was thinking about how to deal with the elves in the Space League, a car stopped in front of a hospital.

“Im here.”

“Manager. What is Yuri doing now? I’m sleeping? ah. You were watching the game? yes. Please tell them I will be up soon. “With the guests.”

Ha Yeon-ju calls Ha Yu-ri’s manager.

“Then shall we go?”

I got out of the car with Seong Ji-han and his companions.

Then, nearly ten bodyguards came out from the front and back cars and guarded the group.

“You seem to be using a lot of people.”

“I can’t live my daily life without bodyguards. “I don’t have the force like Seong Ji-han.”

As Ha Yeon-ju said, everyone’s attention was focused as soon as she entered the hospital.

“and. It’s Ha Yeon-joo… … “She is more of a goddess in person.”

“Seongjihan is also there? “I also have a nephew!”

“what? “Why are you suddenly in the hospital?”

“I want to get an autograph… … “If I ask for an autograph, will you give it to me?”

“No access is allowed when there is a bodyguard.”

Even though it is a VIP ward and there are not many people to begin with, onlookers gather in an instant for no reason.

Among them were many doctors and nurses.

“If I don’t have a bodyguard, I can’t sign autographs or do anything.”

Seong Ji-han nodded.

I saw this scene a lot when I lived in the United States.

‘Back then, the fans were more extreme than they are now.’

At the time when the threat of the dungeon became a reality, players were not only sports stars, but also responsible for national defense.

When I think back to the time when, even though there was a bodyguard, they somehow broke in and asked to take a selfie with him to sign an autograph, I think this level of reaction was quite subdued.

“Yeonju sister. Are you here? uh. 100 million… … Seo, Seong Ji-han… … !?”

Hayuri’s VIP hospital room.

The female manager who came to meet Ha Yeon-ju was startled when she saw the group behind her.

Just a little while ago, I was screaming while watching Seong Ji-han on TV.

I never thought that player would be in front of me in person.

“for a moment. Shh. Shh.”

Ha Yeon-ju smiled at the corner of her mouth and covered the manager’s mouth.

“How did I bring you here, I should surprise you.”

“ah… … !”

Then the manager paused for a moment.

He waved his hand.

“Oh no! sister!”

Meanwhile, she whispers softly in Ha Yeon-joo’s ear.

“Yuri, I mean you have a bare face… … !”

“Why is that? “What’s wrong with Yuri’s bare face?”

“Why is that! How can a fan greet a star without a face? “I’ll go in first!”

The manager screams and enters the hospital room.

-what. what. What really? The customer is Seong Ji-han!?

-okay! Wake up quickly!

-Ah, my real sister! Why didn’t you tell me! You should tell me this in advance!

Every single sound of small fighting inside was heard in Seong Ji-han’s ears.

“It’s going to take a long time.”

“uh. What I said earlier… … Did you hear?”

“yes. “I have bright ears.”

“Ah, so you are a Warrior… … what the. Yuri is prettier with her bare face. “I don’t know why they overdo it like that.”

Ha Yeon-joo lacks understanding of fan sentiment.

She kept tilting her head, saying she didn’t know why her younger brother was doing that.

When the door did not open even after 10 minutes, Seong Ji-han sighed and said.

“Shall we just play a game?”

“ah. Now, just a moment! “I’ll go in!”

Ha Yeon-ju hurriedly enters the hospital room.

As soon as she entered, she screamed.

-hey! Hey Yuri! You’re waiting! What rudeness is this!

-Ah Okay. sister! done! All you have to do is apply lipstick!

-under. What is the patient… … Just keep your face bare. Why put on so much makeup!

-what the. As a player, I hope you have good skin, sister! Ordinary people can’t help it!

“hmm… … uncle. “Now I can hear it too.”

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have come here.”

“Hi-Hi. thank you. Thanks to you, I got a lot of tips from Yeonju.”

As I was chatting with Yoon Se-ah, Ha Yeon-joo came out with a tired expression.

“really sorry. Holy player. “Let’s go in now.”

Have you finally entered?

When Seong Ji-han and his party entered, Ha Yu-ri stood next to the bed and bowed at 90 degrees.

She was wearing a full face of makeup that did not match the patient uniform she was wearing, and she was as beautiful as she appeared in the TV commercial.

“nice to see you. Seong Ji-han.”

“hey. you! “Why is the sick kid standing up?”

“How dare I lie down and meet Jihan. The First’s assistant manager, ‘Downglass’, shouldn’t be like that.”

“Well, well… … Assistant manager?”

“Eh… … “Did the downglass belong to Ha Yu-ri?”

He was active at the fan cafe The First and rose to the position of assistant manager under the name ‘Down Glass.’

If I were to translate this literally, it would be Hayuri, but I never thought Downglass was her.

“yes. My name is Hayuri. I’m just doing some entertainment. iced coffee… … Well, I’m really glad I got it right. To welcome Jihan like this… … Plus a visit to the hospital! In the interview earlier, you said you were leveling up, so I was waiting for the live broadcast and I wondered why you didn’t do this! Really, even if I die today, I have no time left!”

At first, I thought she was adjusting her tone, but in the end, she couldn’t hold back her excitement, and even her body was shaking as she began to pour out words like a storm.

“Let’s lie down first. “I’m going to collapse.”

“How can I stand in front of such a holy person…?” … !”

“… … “I’ll move it.”


When Seong Ji-han stretched out his hand, Hayuri’s body floated up.

Then her face turned bright red and she said she liked it.

“and! Force! Never thought I would experience this for myself! Isn’t this a dream? huh? sister?”

“… … ha. I wish it was a dream “This.”

Ha Yeon-ju took a deep breath, walked over to Ha Yu-ri, and covered her with a blanket.

Seeing her like that, Seong Ji-han decided to stick to the purpose of visiting her in the hospital.

“Are you feeling okay? “I heard that the accident happened because of me.”

“It’s because of Seong Ji-han!! It was an accident that happened because he was trying to get me to drink. Jihan did nothing wrong! There, there! “Everything has healed.”

Ha Yu-ri looked at Seong Ji-han with sparkling eyes.

“After receiving it in person, I feel like my hair has become completely white. “All my worries disappear and I feel like I’m flying in the sky.”

“Isn’t that dangerous…?” … .”

“oh! Yoon Se-ah! “I’m also subscribing to SeAh’s channel!”

Ha Yu-ri must have heard Yoon Se-ah’s muttering, and responded to her muttering by clapping her hands.


“I told you, right? “There’s a super rookie threatening her older sister!”

“Well, I’m not that good… … .”

“no. “My eyesight is clear!”

She confidently pointed to her eyes.

“I also have some useful gifts!”

“Yuri! “What are you saying!”

Ha Yeon-ju quickly tried to cover her mouth.


Seong Ji-han took a step closer to Ha Yu-ri.

I was planning to just pay a visit to the hospital and end it.

Her words aroused interest.

“It’s a gift… … “Is this really a support gift?”

“yes. Whoop. Ugh… … !”

“hey! Yuri you! “You decided not to say that!”

“Eight. Jihan is an exception! “I have ‘emotional’ abilities!”

Despite her sister’s restraint, Hayuri confesses everything.

Seong Ji-han looked at the situation as if it were ridiculous.

I was interested in what she said.

Supporting gift ‘Emotions’… … Ha Yu-ri has this?

‘But isn’t this an ambiguous ability?’


I think this is just an ability to show hidden item descriptions.

Compared to Lee Ha-yeon’s ‘Raising’ or Shizuru’s ‘Editing’, the value was significantly lower.


“With this ability, it is possible to understand a player’s potential to some extent!”

Let’s say we can even see the players through their emotions.

Ariel, who was standing at the back with Akari, secretly sent a voice.

[master. Didn’t you say last time that there are no people with emotional abilities?]

‘That’s according to my common sense.’

[To judge a player’s potential, is it at least a B?]

‘Is it that much?’ On Earth, grade B support gifts are rare.

Seong Ji-han’s eyes lit up.

‘As expected, people must use their minds wisely.’

So, isn’t this kind of talent also found?

Seong Ji-han thought it was a good idea to visit Ha Yu-ri and looked at her closely.

“lol… … .”

She didn’t know Seong Ji-han’s speed and just looked at his eyes and wandered.

“… … “Are you stupid?”

To the point where I can’t even see my own sister.

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