The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 141

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 141>

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“Whoa… … .”

Ha Yu-ri, who had been excited for a while, soon felt dizzy and held her head and sighed.

“Yuri! are you okay?”

“Yes, sister… … “I guess I was too excited.”

“Ugh, really!”

“uncle… … “Why don’t you heal me once?”

“I guess so.”

Seong Ji-han nodded and cast a set of 3 recovery magic.

“heel. Great Hill. “Regeneration.”

The class was converted to All for One, so even though I couldn’t learn new recovery magic, I could use the existing one, so it was a healing magic that I used.

Ha Yu-ri felt vitality rising in her body and her eyes sparkled.

“This is the three-piece set you get when training, Se-ah, right? Wow~ Today’s Force healing magic! “I experienced everything I saw on the channel!”

“But don’t overdo it.”

“yes yes!”

Seong Ji-han glanced at the clock in the hospital room.


Now it was time to access

‘I think I’ll get caught on the survival map this time.’

After being injected with the leaves of the world tree by the elf, I have not been able to get on the survival map even once.

Now is the time to come out at least once.

‘If you get a World Tree leaf in this game, Hayuri might be able to appraise it.’

The leaves of the world tree are engraved on the body like a tattoo.

If you catch this when the elf in the game steals it and come back, you will be able to get an appraisal from Hayuri right away.

‘Then it would be better to play the game here rather than going back home.’

“I’m going to log into the game now, but would it be possible for you to appraise an item when you return?”

“Eh? “Uncle, can we play here?”

“that… … Holy player. Won’t it be late when the game is over? … ?”

“are you okay! are you okay! Bye! I will appraise you unconditionally! “I’m not going to sleep because I’m going to watch that broadcast anyway?!”

Ha Yeon-joo seemed worried about her younger sister, who was not fully recovered, waiting until late at night.

Ha Yu-ri quickly waved her hand and told Seong Ji-han to come home quickly.

“Well, what should I do…” … .”

“Like before, I’m talking to Ha Yeon-ju. “It’s good to hear advice.”

“… … Is that okay?”

“huh. of course.”

As Ha Yeon-ju smiled and nodded, Yoon Se-ah also quickly waved at Seong Ji-han.

“uncle. “Take your time!”

Seong Ji-han laughed and walked towards Akari.

“I’m taking a break.”


Akari slowly closes her eyes when the point is checked.

It was an inevitable choice because we had not yet established a complete trust relationship.

“Then I’ll come back.”


Seong Ji-han retrieves Ariel and logs into the game.

When he disappeared, Ha Yu-ri looked at her manager.

“sister. please.”

“… … okay.”

The manager rummaged through his bag and took out a beam projector.

The screen fills the wall of the VIP hospital room.

Ha Yeon-ju saw that and asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“excuse me… … “Why are you shooting a projector when you have a TV?”

“The screen is small. Jihan, you should watch his broadcast on the big screen… … uh! Let’s get started. “Sister, can you turn off the light?”

“You really… … ha.”

I knew he was a fan of Seong Ji-han, but I didn’t know it was this serious.

Ha Yeon-ju sighs deeply.

‘He’s not the kind of kid who will listen even if you tell him to rest.’

I trudged over to turn off the fire.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Okay, sister. “I’ll make you fall in love with me!”

“What a mouthful… … “Is Seong Ji-han an idol?”

She snorted and sat down.

* ? * ? *

[This mission is survival.]

[Entering the ‘experimental area’.]

Seong Ji-han logged into the game and looked around.

The surrounding environment this time was completely different from the last game.

‘John has changed.’


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Last time, you were trapped in a red wall, but now you are in a lush forest.

It was the green zone where the players had the highest chance of survival.

“Oh, he’s a great player!”

“Today was amazing! When we beat Russia… … !”

“ah… … I bet on Ha Yeon-joo as MVP for the 3rd game! “What will we do if Seong Ji-han sweeps MVP away?”

When Seong Ji-han was summoned, the players in the green zone chatted excitedly.

In fact, from their perspective, being in the same zone as Seong Ji-han in survival was no different from a death sentence, but everyone was in a cheerful mood, perhaps because the excitement of the Russian war had not yet subsided.

-Is this a survival map? The atmosphere is warm – the game was bad anyway, so the idea was to just watch the superstars haha ​​- Wow… I was really tired of today’s game against Russia. I can’t believe it took this long to win one league game… Let’s start winning streak from now on!

-Of course it’s a winning streak. They crushed those damn Russian Warriors, but honestly, aren’t other countries worth beating too?

-Japan and China are a bit strong… I think they will win at least against Taiwan.

-If there was a sword king, the two of them would have clashed with the United States in a two-headed carriageㅜㅜ-Don’t talk about that bastard—Viewers who are talking about today’s Russian war rather than talking about the game.

In addition, donations of at least 10,000 GP began to come in frequently.

The start was Hayuri, who revealed her ID.

[‘Downglass’ sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Congratulations on your victory over Russia!]

[‘Maximum level one’ sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[No. 1 shooter today too!]

… … .

-Even 10,000 GP is a huge hit ㄷㄷ

– crazy; The Russia match is so big haha. Even though the minimum donation was 10 million won, sponsorship messages are popping up all over the place.

“Thank you for your support.”

Seong Ji-han thought as he briefly responded to the sponsorship message.

‘I think I should increase it to 100,000 GP?’

After the guild was founded, money is now plentiful.

Rather than replying to a sponsorship message that pops up while playing a game, it would be better to drastically increase the limit.

Meanwhile, all 100 players were summoned and the game began.

[The game starts.]

‘The elf told me to come find him, but John has changed.’ Only in the red zone could he take the portal back to the elf, but in the green zone he had no clue.

Seong Ji-han looked around.

A situation where 10 players, including yourself, are gathered in the forest.

‘Let’s get the kill first.’

Because I have to maintain my record of consecutive first place wins on

Seong Ji-han summoned Eclipse.

After seeing that, the emotions of the Russia match had completely subsided and the players gave up fighting and began to run away from place to place.


“Let’s spread out in all directions!”

Since the players were spaced quite far apart, they decided that if everyone ran in different directions, a few people would still survive.


“Let’s deal with it.”

No sooner had Seong Ji-han finished speaking.


A sword protruded from the shadows of the fleeing players.

Sigh! Sigh!

Players get fatally injured in vital areas and fall down in an instant.

Nine players died almost simultaneously.

-As expected, it’s pure, right?

– Seong Ji-han destroyed the Russian national team a little while ago, so even if Gold runs away, it’s just gum.

It was a natural result, so much so that viewers now accept it with disdain.

Seong Ji-han easily scored 9 kills and jumped into the sky.

In a forest filled with large trees, like a jungle.

However, only in the central part of the forest, there were no trees.

‘I guess I should go over there.’

Seong Ji-han advanced forward while floating in the sky.

Beneath his feet, players from other areas of the Green Zone were fiercely competing for survival.

‘If you get more kills for no reason, the game will end quickly.’

If you get 9 kills, 1st place is guaranteed.

Seong Ji-han arrived at the center of the forest, ignoring the other players.

Strangely, there wasn’t a single tree in sight in the center of the forest, but in the middle of it was a huge oval-shaped brown sphere.

[It is the seed of the world tree. It is absorbing the life force of the surrounding trees.]

‘I was wondering why there were no trees unlike other places.’ As the trees around him melted in an instant, he was dedicating all of his life force to the seeds of the World Tree.

‘Is there a red zone from last time in here?’

No matter how big the world tree seed is, I don’t think it’s big enough to fit the red zone and the empty space outside it.

There seemed to be a distortion of space, different from what was seen from the outside.

Seong Ji-han approached the seed to observe it more closely.



Light began to emanate from the leaf engraved on Seong Ji-han’s chest.

Then the light reached the seed shell.

Hua Ah … … !

The shell was transformed into a green portal.

And inside, a voice rang out.

-You’re finally here. Turn off the broadcast and come in.

‘You’re obsessed with broadcasting. ‘Why are you doing that?’

[Well. Are you worried about your records being recorded on BattleTube? However, even if that were the case, the system would not be so lax.]

‘Is there a way to check whether I’m turning on the broadcast or not?’

[I don’t know how… … It would be possible for an elf.]

‘Then I guess I’ll just have to turn it off and go.’

Seong Ji-han decided to set the rhythm for now.

“Dear viewers. “I will turn off the broadcast for a moment.”


-Why suddenly????


Seong Ji-han turned off the broadcast in the settings and entered the portal.

* ? * ? *

“You’re finally here. “It’s a high-ranking test subject.”

The elf welcomed Seong Ji-han.

Although he was speaking Elvish like last time, Seong Ji-han had naturally understood the language since absorbing the leaves of the World Tree.

“Come here.”

At that voice, light flashed in Seong Ji-han’s chest.

Then, the body tried to move on its own.

‘I should leave it alone for now.’

With this level of forced control, it can be restored to its original state at any time.

Seong Ji-han acted as if he had completely fallen for the elf.

“Once again, it’s a great body… … .”

Rub it. Rub it.

The elf, who touched Seong Ji-han’s body, drew blood, and tasted it, looked happy.

“At this level, I might be evaluated as the highest level of irregularity!”


The elf summoned the green portal once again.

“Follow me.”

Seong Ji-han followed her with a blank expression.

Flashing. Flash!

An elf who changed portals five times because there were so many places to move to.

The space that emerged every time you entered the portal was almost identical to the place where the elf was originally located.

It feels like I’m just moving to the same place over and over again.

‘How long are you moving on?’

What would happen when the game ended like this? Seong Ji-han started to feel anxious.


The space beyond the portal I entered last showed a completely different scenery.

The scene I saw just a moment ago was a forest space befitting the unique image of an elf.

Now, a pure white laboratory with huge test tubes laid out like pillars came into view.

-I made a contact.

-Start collecting top test subjects.

A wind spirit with lenses in its eyes wandered around Seongjihan’s body and spoke elven language.

[This is… … what?]

‘That’s what I wanted to ask.’ Ji-e-ing-

Red light spreads out from the wind spirit’s lens.

The light that was scanning Seong Ji-han’s body suddenly stopped moving.

-This is an object that cannot be analyzed with current equipment.

-This is the top-level object. We need to send it to the laboratory urgently.

At the spirit’s words, the elf trembled with joy.

“Top level… … !? “I never thought it would be the best!”

-2 minutes until the Battlenet system detects it.

-Please retrieve the leaves of the World Tree. I will open a dimensional portal.



The elf hurriedly placed his hand on Seong Ji-han’s chest.


Then, a strong green light spread out, and leaves tried to come out of Seong Ji-han’s chest.


“Three, World Tree… … .”

The leaf of the world tree that was trying to escape suddenly entered Seong Ji-han’s body again.

‘Why isn’t this coming out again?’

I’m in trouble all of a sudden.

Jihan Seong let the elf hurriedly touch his chest again.

He responded internally as well.


“ah. “It came out!”

When the leaves came out, the elf sighed in relief.

I wondered if some kind of trouble would suddenly arise at the last moment, but in the end it ended well, so now all I have to do is send this test subject and the mission is complete.

When she tried to keep the leaves of the World Tree safe again.


“… … uh?”

Suddenly, her right arm was cut off.

And the leaf he was holding in his right hand.


Jihan Seong easily took it and put it in his inventory.

“you. you… … .”

“Thanks, hey. “I already needed this.”

Seong Ji-han grinned and turned the broadcast back on in the settings.

-uh. what. here is?

-Eh… … Is this a survival map?

Around the time viewers were puzzled by the suddenly changed environment.

[An abnormality is detected in the system.]

As soon as I turn on BattleTube.

Before Seong Jihan’s eyes, a system message urgently appeared.

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