The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 158

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 158>

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‘It’s the support of the Thunder God… … .’

Zeus, who had fought a battle a while ago, did not leave a very strong impression and was absorbed by Dongbangsak, but I wondered if the Thunder God, the owner of the God Throne, would be a little different.

‘Ariel, do you know what the Thunder God is?’

[If you are the Thunder God of the New Throne… … It is one huge cluster of all the concepts of Raijin. The Thunder Gods that existed in your world are just fragments of him.]

‘In short, all the Thunder Gods from various worlds came together and became the Thunder God of the New Throne. Like a constellation of dead stars dragging kings around as ghosts?’

[The composition is similar to that, but different. The Dead Star Constellation clearly enslaves its kings, but the Thunder God of the New Throne is represented by the most powerful of the countless Thunder Gods. I heard that there is a continuous hierarchy within them.]

Ariel added, as if she wasn’t sure.

[But it’s not certain… … I heard that compared to other Gods of the New Throne, the current Thunder God has never had a change of representative. That’s how powerful the representative god is. He also said that he doesn’t like that much, so he rarely participates in events related to it… … .]

‘But then a sponsorship offer came in.’

[I think I saw something in you that much. However, since it is a tutorial, sponsorship will not be possible… … ?]

Seong Ji-han listened to Ariel’s words and asked the system.

“It would be nice to receive sponsorship, but is it possible since it is a tutorial?”

[Due to Earth’s difficulty being lowered, this is possible if Raijin pays the price.]

“Is it possible? Then let’s do it.”

It’s an empty constellation slot anyway.

There was no place to write, so it would have been better to fill it with something.

As soon as Seong Ji-han expressed his intention to accept, the sponsorship proceeded immediately.

[‘Rain God’ becomes the sponsor of player Seong Ji-han.]

[Due to the effect of the sponsorship constellation, the efficiency of lightning-type skills and brain stats increases significantly.]

Just because Thunder God occupied the constellation slot, the efficiency of all lightning-related abilities increased.

‘This won’t be the end.’

Since it was a thunder god that seemed more powerful than other constellations, Seong Ji-han expected additional effects.


[The Raijin is reviewing your abilities to find the right support for you… … .]

[The Raijin sees the martial spirit and is greatly surprised. He begins to ponder… … .]

The constellation received no response after sending a message saying that it was so surprised to see Martial Spirit that it had begun to ponder.

[You will be logged out of]

In the end, Seong Ji-han had no choice but to leave the game before receiving additional support from Thunder God.

[Cleared the special achievement, ‘Passing the Space League Promotion Battle.’]

[Acquire 1,000,000 achievement points.]

[Cleared the special achievement, ‘The world’s first constellation’s support.’]

[Acquire 300,000 achievement points.]

[Cleared the special achievement, ‘Removal of the Constellation’s alter ego.’]

[Acquire 500,000 achievement points.]

‘It’s enormous.’ Including the destruction of Calaine’s alter ego, I received a huge amount of achievement points.

But these points were not the reward he most wanted right now.

[Survived the TOP 25 promotion battle.]

[Level increases by 20.]

[You will receive a special reward, ‘Piece of the Completed Star.’]

A finished star fragment.

This item, which was rated EX level, actually did not have a particularly good effect on the holy person.

[Completed Star Piece]

-Grade: EX

-A piece of a star that passed ‘all tests’.

-Lower the difficulty of games on the entire home planet by one level.

-Players with gifts appear more frequently on the home planet.

-When acquiring an item, it is applied immediately.

A completed star fragment that only benefits players on Earth.

For this reason, Korean people were in an uproar, asking why Seong Ji-han took the death penalty to get it.


“uncle!! “Are you crazy, really?!”


When Seong Ji-han returned to Earth, Yoon Se-ah kicked the door and screamed.

“hmm. “You were worried.”

“You call that a horse? Uncle, you really want to see me die?! “How can you proceed with a death penalty when there is one?”

Yoon Se-ah, whose eyes were red and swollen, screamed like crazy for the first time in her life.

At that sight, Seong Ji-han’s eyes naturally lost their focus.

“what… … Of course I thought I would buy it, so I did… … .”

“Where in the world is 100 percent! Consider changing your position. “How would you feel if I tried something like that?”

“I grabbed him by the hair and took him out of the game.”

“that is! I! do! I want to! “I mean!”

“Se-ya, I’m different, right?”

“What a difference! Ah-oh! “I’m really going crazy!”


Seong Ji-han’s visit was shattered by Yoon Se-ah’s emotional kick.

Her strength, which had increased dramatically compared to a month or two ago, was now strong enough to tear her like a piece of paper if she used her full power, such as a door.

‘The door went out.’


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bang! bang!

Yoon Se-ah, who has been on a destructive streak for a while.

At some point, I collapsed helplessly in my seat and buried my face in my knees.

“uncle. I really… … “I thought I was going crazy earlier.”

“… … Sorry. “I didn’t know that would happen either.”

“uncle. My uncle is the only family I have left now… … .”


A sigh mixed with lament came from Seong Ji-han’s mouth.

He accepted it because he thought he wouldn’t die, but he couldn’t understand the feelings of the family he left behind.

When I lived the life of a player in my previous life, I already had no family, so I definitely lacked understanding in that respect.

“I won’t do that again.”

“… … really?”


“Is this a promise?”

Yoon Se-ah sighed as Seong Ji-han nodded.

“So, why did you risk your life to get an item that lowers the difficulty level? “Uncle, honestly, it doesn’t matter how difficult it is, right?”

“okay. “It doesn’t matter to me.”

Seong Ji-han took out the completed star fragment from his inventory.

A bluish rock sculpture.

On the outside, it is just a stone with an unusual color, so the average person would not understand that such a stone is given an EX grade.

However, Seong Ji-han knew the value of this item better than anyone else.

‘In the past, this was offered as a reward in the Space League.’

At a time when Earth was in last place in the space league.

There was a planet of dwarfs competing with humanity for the lowest place.

A planet of dwarfs who were popping up on all day because they had no merit as a species compared to other races like humans.

After luckily obtaining a piece of a completed star during a Space League emergency mission, the situation changed dramatically.

‘After barely escaping the relegation zone, Earth and the planet Uruk ended up in a relegation battle.’

The Space League is a system where it is impossible for an individual to pull up by the collar like in the national team game.

No matter how strong Seong Ji-han is, he can’t survive in this damn game if others don’t grow well as well.

That is why Seong Ji-han struggled to obtain the ‘completed star fragment’ even though he suffered a death penalty.

[The difficulty of NO.4212 Humanity’s will be lowered due to the effect of the completed star fragment.]

[As the owner of the completed star fragment, you are granted permission to view the administrator’s report.]

[Would you like to read the report?]

‘Administrator’s report?’ And a few minutes later.

‘I guess I should share this.’

As soon as Seong Ji-han saw the report, he turned on his BattleTube.

* * *


-Please don’t do that really ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Why do you want me to die! What a shame if you die while playing a game ㅡㅡ Seong Ji-han emerged as Korea’s hope through a national team game this month.

When he almost died in a promotion match, Korean subscribers came into the channel and poured out chats, asking him not to do that again in the future.

-Is this the channel of the player who played the game a while ago? Thanks to you, my support gift level has increased. Thank you.

-Thanks to Ji-han’s award, I can get a gift wwww. Should I thank my brother? wwww – Seong Ji-han! Why do you hide the fact that your monk is a shaman? Why deny that the basis of martial arts is neutrality?

-Foreigners…you bastards…get out of here…!

-Stop the bullshit!!!!!

Foreigners of all nationalities were also joining the chat, creating chaos.

“I think you must have been very surprised today. However, I personally thought that lowering the difficulty was absolutely necessary, so I made this choice.”

No sooner had Seong Ji-han finished speaking.

As if the sponsorship limit of 100,000 GP was ridiculous, numerous sponsorship messages began to arrive.

[‘Downglass’ sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[When Zeus’s lightning fell, I really thought my liver was falling!! If you do that again, I won’t feel that way!]

Starting with Hayuri, many fans pushed for the 100 million limit without hesitation.

[REGates sponsored 10,000,000 GP.]

[Player last name. I salute you for this decision that risked your life. According to reports coming in from all over, there are people who have suddenly become awakened to the gift. It is said that there are many people who have uniquely awakened the support gift. And among players with existing supporting gifts, we often saw gift levels increase.]

Robert Gates provided a large donation and reported on the current situation.


A district where the level of supporting gifts was significantly low.

It was welcome that more people were becoming aware of this.

-Oh really… … It would be good if there were more awakened people, but it won’t benefit you. Just think about me!

-ㄹㅇNam I’m only doing good things. Aren’t places with large populations like India or China the best? If there are more awakened people, hahaha – really? Is there a need to lower the game difficulty when Jihan always comes in first place?

Seong Ji-han shrugged his shoulders at the concerns of Korean fans.

“Unless Earth participates in the Space League. All I have to do is continue to be first and destroy other countries. but… … .”

He showed the administrator’s report that he had just read to the public through the full system window.

-Third dragon

-What is this????

-A report on humanity?

For Seong Ji-han, the report can be read in Korean.

Through Battle Tube, it was automatically translated into each person’s native language.

[NO. 4212, Report on ‘Humanity’]

[…] … After reviewing their achievements in the tutorial, we believe that NO.4212 will be in the relegation zone in the future Space League. Their biggest problem is the vulnerability of the species itself. To put it bluntly, humanity is the weakest species among the living creatures participating in the Space League. Many SSS-level gifts have been given, but due to species limitations, they are unable to achieve S-level performance.]

[Possibility of remaining in the league? It was 0.3%, but increased to 3% due to the difficulty decrease. However, it is still the species most likely to be at the bottom.]

[Variable – None. Even players who can be considered variables have fatal weaknesses.]

[Investment value? doesn’t exist. Even if you incur a loss while investing in this planet, the management does not take any responsibility. This planet won’t last long.]

-What’s this…

-The chance of remaining in the league is just 3%?

-Is that also an increase from 0.3? lol

The manager’s report released by Seong Ji-han was shocking.

In the tutorial world, people thought there would be no problem.

I was confused after seeing the message that my chances of remaining in the league were slim and that the planet would not last long.

-…Are you saying that the player who will be the variable is a saint?

-I guess so, right? But what is the weakness?

-So, I’m embarrassed.

Seong Ji-han had a rough idea of ​​what the fatal weakness was.

‘Probably, the big thing is that he is an enemy of the god of war.’

Due to the whim of the god of war, I am now living well without a soul.

I don’t know what the situation will be like if his mood changes later.

From the system administrator’s point of view, Seong Ji-han, a player who could represent the Earth, was a time-limited player who could disappear at any time.

So, the report probably said that there was such a fatal weakness.

-But were we humans that weak?

-Can’t see TOP 25? ㅅㅂ It was a monster party hahaha.

-ㄹㅇ Even the human-sized ones were all monsters hahaha -Are all other planetary races just like that? Shouldn’t humans be able to do it among themselves? ㅜㅜThe vulnerability of the species was pointed out in the report.

People quickly agreed, remembering the game a while ago.

The TOP 25 Space League promotion match was a huge monster feast.

There is no race like humans, and the only ones that are similar are the High Elves and Calaine.

They were all monsters just as much as the Great Monster.

“Even though the difficulty has been lowered, our chances of surviving the Space League are still low. therefore… … .”

Seong Ji-han ended the broadcast with a grin.

“I hope everyone gets stronger and breaks the streak of first place and 100 percent win rate. You went from bronze to now platinum, how is it possible that your record has never been broken? everyone. Please try harder.”

-No, it’s because you’re such a monster…

-Even aliens walk around with their heads broken hahahaha how did they win hahaha TOP 25 recognized in the universe.

Among them, everyone reacted with astonishment when the player who survived among the five asked them to please win.


“The owner is still the same.”

Lee Ha-yeon was watching this broadcast in the guild master’s room, which was now like home.

[Gift level has increased.]

My eyes widened at the message that suddenly appeared.

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