The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 159

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 159>

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Two days ago.

Lee Ha-yeon was looking at the betting site with a blank face.

Just keeping the screen open and doing nothing.

Lim Ga-young, who was watching silently from behind, said something.

“miss. Not betting? “Why are you always looking at one screen?”

“ah… … .”

Lee Ha-yeon came to her senses after hearing those words and moved the mouse.

The TOP 100 promotion match to be held the next day is the biggest event on the betting site.

Lee Ha-yeon was scheduled to participate heavily in this part as she is a match predictor.

In her ears, Seong Ji-han’s voice sounded like an auditory hallucination.

-Because gambling addicts are not seen as members of the opposite s*x.

To be precise, this was Seong Ji-han’s clear answer when Sophia, who was visiting Korea, was worried about a fake romantic relationship.

‘Mr… … ‘Why do I keep thinking of those words?’

To be honest, I thought it was true that I liked betting, so I just laughed it off at the time.

As time passed, those words continued to linger in my heart.

‘Is it because it’s the first time I’ve not even been treated as the opposite s*x by a man? ‘Why are you like this?’

Seong Ji-han’s indifferent expression, which I saw when he called himself a gambling addict, kept overlapping on the monitor screen.

And after that, Sophia looked relieved… … .

Even if you’re a gambling addict, do you really need to talk about it in front of people?

For an instant, Lee Ha-yeon’s face turned red.

“no way. I have to do it! Yes, I’m addicted to gambling! gambling! “Let’s gamble!”

“… … “Why are you so upset all of a sudden?”

“Where are you? Should we pick the owner first? uh… … But there isn’t one?”

“Iknow, right. “I heard you reached level 100.”

“Now that I think about it, SeAH is in the promotion match this time, right? Se-ah, who woke up late, is already trying to get to gold, so why are you still silver?”

“If I could play the game twice a day like Se-Ah, I would be level 50.”

It was Yoon Se-ah who had already overtaken Lim Ga-young due to the effects of chronic chronic disease.

“Se-Ah has been quite strong these days… … Why are the odds so high?”

“I think it’s because the long-term gift rating is low. But it is 100 times unexpected. These days, I’m almost in first place… … ah. “I think it’s because there are three promising players among us.”

“A promising person? who?”

“that is… … .”

Gayoung Lim pointed out three top-ranked players, as if she had prepared in advance.

Lee Ha-yeon’s eyes narrowed at the sight she knew so well.

“Do you bet too?”

“I just knew it was the same silver.”

“That kind of smells like a scammer… … .”

“no. “I’m just waiting for your bet.”

“why. Do the opposite of me?”


Lee Ha-yeon glared at Lim Ga-young, who answered immediately as if she had been waiting.

I watched the video of the three players she filmed for a bit, and at some point I turned off the screen.

‘Why is it so boring…? … .’

Originally, the most fun part of the betting process was analyzing player strengths and predicting who would win.

Something wasn’t exciting today and I just felt boring.

-Christian player. He is the player who is receiving attention as having the highest chance of winning this TOP 100, but this player… … .

You can’t even hear the commentator’s comments in the player analysis video.

I keep thinking about Seong Ji-han saying he is a gambling addict.

“no way. “I don’t want to see it.”

“… … miss?”

“it’s okay. “I’m going to save Se-Ah’s life and bet on her.”

“To Se-Ah?”

“huh. “Let’s just put in 10 million won.”

Tick ​​tick.

Lee Ha-yeon finished betting on Yoon Se-ah and turned off the screen without any hesitation.

“I’m going to go for a run.”

Lee Ha-yeon then left the guild master’s room to exercise.

Lim Ga-young opened her eyes round as she looked at her back.

‘… … ‘Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?’

On the day before the TOP 100 game, Lee Ha-yeon opened a bottle of liquor and pretended to be the world’s greatest analyst.

You watch such exciting videos with a look on your face like you don’t have any fun in the world, and then just place a bet and do some exercise?

Lim Ga-young couldn’t figure out the reason for something that had never happened while serving the young lady.

next day.

When I watched Seong Ji-han’s TOP 25 games with her, I was able to get a general idea.

“Oh, no… … !”

When Seongjihan was hit by Zeus’ spear of light.

Lee Ha-yeon jumped up and screamed without realizing it.

There were even tears in both eyes.


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“ah. really! “You were worried!”

Meanwhile, Lee Ha-yeon screams and sits back down when Seong Ji-han comes back alive and well.

Lim Ga-young felt a strong feeling as she watched her cry and laugh.

‘I guess Seong Ji-han didn’t bet because he was worried… … ?’

A young lady is interested in a man!

Lim Ga-young, who saw a glimpse of possibility, immediately threw a fastball.

“miss. Do you like Seong Ji-han?”

“W-what are you talking about! suddenly!”

“I thought it was strange that he got sick of gambling. Isn’t it because you heard Seong Ji-han say you are a gambling addict? “Mr. Seong Ji-han was crying loudly because he was about to die.”

“hey! Why are you crying so loudly? Nol, that’s because I was surprised. “If the owner dies, our guild will end!”

“Aha~ I see~?”

“… … you. Watch your mouth. “If you talk nonsense, your buff will be taken away!”

“yes yes. All right.”

Lim Ga-young was confident as she answered that way.

I see you overdo it like that.

‘Do you really think the young lady has feelings?’

In this case, as a bodyguard, I have to help in some way.

A playful smile appeared on Lim Ga-young’s lips.

* * *


Seong Ji-han received a text message from Lee Ha-yeon.

-Owner~ The gift training level has increased. But there is an explanation added, so I think you should come and take a look!

‘hmm… … ‘An explanation was added?’

-yes. I’ll be down soon.

Seong Ji-han sent a reply text message and searched the Internet.

-ㅇ0ㅇDid the supporting gift have this effect?

-There are a lot of interesting things.

-There was a function to find dungeon hacks in the search! The sacred words were true ㄷㄷ-Yooksung? Does this have the effect of amplifying efficiency when you become a guild master?

Due to the difficulty being lowered, those who unexpectedly benefited were those with supporting gifts.

Originally, most of the supporting gifts had poor explanations, but as the difficulty level decreased, there were many cases where additional explanations were provided about what the gift does.

‘If you do this, Hayeon will definitely know about her abilities.’

Even now, Lee Ha-yeon was well aware that her training ability was related to the guild.

I knew that in an abstract way, but it felt different to have the system clearly tell me the function like this.

Lee Ha-yeon contributes more than 90% to the amazing training effect of the waiting guild.

All Seong Ji-han did was to initially all-in the guild points to the growth rate and later raise the guild level with the Phoenix Period.

‘I don’t think you’re saying you’re going back to the opposite s*x.’

Lee Ha-yeon didn’t actually seem to have a good relationship with Lee Seong’s family.

Still, if you take them home and say they will be treated properly, you might not know.

‘I have to hold on to it even if it means giving me more shares.’

If Lee Ha-yeon’s grade has risen once more this time, she will have SS-level training.

In her last life, when she was in Class A, she was the guild master of the world’s best guild.

I had risen two levels higher, so I had to hold on to this somehow.

“ah. uncle. “You want to go to the guild?”

“uh. Hayeon’s gift level has risen. “She has a story to tell.”

“okay? “I’m going with you.”

“you also?”

“huh. Hayeon called me a while ago and said she earned 1 billion won because of me. She said she would bow down loudly. Let me receive you. Hi-Hi.”

“Hayeon… … “You won money?”

“uh. “He said he gave me 10 million won out of loyalty.”

“ah. loyalty. no wonder.”

There’s no way I could have gotten it based on skill.

Seong Ji-han thought so and went down to the guild with Yoon Se-ah.

“oh. “Did you come with us, Se-ah?”

Lee Ha-yeon welcomes Yoon Se-ah with a big smile as soon as she sees her.

“now. “Take me~!”

“Hey, what are you really doing?”

Yoon Se-ah stopped him from actually bowing and shrugged his shoulders.

“sister. “So, thanks to me, you’ve recovered everything you lost?”

“no? “It was a long way away?”

“… … Isn’t 100 times 10 million won 1 billion won? “1 billion, how long?”

“huh. “How do you restore everything with just that?”

“… … “I really think it would be better for you to stop betting.”

When Lee Ha-yeon answered casually, Yoon Se-ah looked bored.

“Okay then, let’s get to the point. About my gift… … .”

Lee Ha-yeon revealed the gift.

[Gift – Training (Grade SS)]

-This is a supporting gift. Help other players grow quickly.

-Intensive growth can be granted to 10 players.

-When using intensive growth, the existing growth rate bonus is tripled.

-When a player with Gift Training becomes a guild master, the guild growth rate bonus is greatly increased.

* The training level is SS level. Increases the guild growth rate bonus by 3 times and adds 60 percent to the experience bonus.

A gift that increases the number of people who can use intensive growth from 3 to 10 compared to the existing S class, and the growth rate bonus also increases from 2 to 3 times.

Just looking at this, the effect of upgrading the grade was clear.

The phrase in question was behind it.

The added gift description clearly shows how much Lee Ha-yeon supports the guild’s growth rate increase effect.

“uh?! “Hayeon’s gift was responsible for all of our guild’s training effects?”

“Huh… … “Was your ability like this?”

When the two people are surprised by the effect of Lee Ha-yeon’s upbringing.

“no way. That’s not important. Owner. “What should I do?”

In fact, Lee Ha-yeon did not seem to care much about her contribution.


“Even players with different backgrounds like me will see this description. “If the number of competing guilds increases, won’t our position decrease?”

“There will be no player with as strong a training ability as Lee Ha-yeon. “If people leave, we can lower the rent and get it.”

“Then you can’t blame me if my performance doesn’t improve this time?”

“of course. Hayeon, how much does your gift contribute to the guild? “It’s okay to have negative performance.”

“Hehe. is that so? It’s good to see it in numbers like this. My gift… … “It was worth using.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ha-yeon does not make any further comments.

In fact, Seong Ji-han even recommended it to her.

“Mr. Hayeon. Hayeon’s ability completely supports the waiting guild, but 20% of the stake seems too small. “I’ll give you more.”

“Share? Even 20 percent is good enough… … .”

“no. On the contrary, I feel like I have not been able to treat you to the best of my abilities. “I will give you 50 percent of my shares.”

“Then I become the owner of the waiting guild?”

If you receive 50% more than the existing 20%, the guild owner will change.

Lee Ha-yeon shook her head.

“The owner must remain in the owner’s position.”

“But we still have to treat them to the best of our ability.”

“Then give me 20 percent more. “I don’t want any more.”

You want to have a 40 percent stake?

‘I really don’t have any greed.’

While Seong Ji-han thought so, he quickly accepted the offer and handed over his shares.

“Hayeon, get some more. “I feel sorry for you.”

“This is enough for me.”

“Spend a lot of guild GP. 40% belongs to Hayeon. “I won’t say anything if you use it when betting.”

“How can you bet with the guild’s public money! “I won’t gamble anymore!”

“… … No way?!”

Zero doesn’t gamble?

It is the sound of the sun rising from the west.

“It’s real!”

“You did it yesterday too. To Se-Ah.”

“Well, that’s out of loyalty… … .”

“ah. yes. With loyalty… … “You made a bet.”

When Seong Ji-han nodded with an expression of complete disbelief, Lee Ha-yeon turned around with a tearful face.

“Gayoung. From now on, watch over me. You be the witness. “I’m really going to stop betting!”

“… … Are you sure? Will you be there 24 hours a day? “I will directly access my account every day to check whether I have placed a bet or not.”

“sun! Do it! Watch!”

Lim Ga-young bowed her head to Seong Ji-han with a touched expression after hearing those words.

“Mr. Seong Ji-han. “Thanks to you, the lady came to her senses.”

“… … “It’s my fault, why?”

“you… … “Say no more.”

“Hehe. yes. Not now, I’ll tell you when it’s really over. “About the opportunity for reform and transformation.”

“ah! “That’s not it!”

Seong Ji-han tilted his head as he listened to the conversation between the two.

‘What does quitting gambling have to do with me?’

However, there was skepticism about whether Lee Ha-yeon, who is Zero, would really give up gambling.

‘There is no way Zero would fold his bet… … Still, if you come to your senses even for a moment, you won’t infect Se-Ah.’

All you have to do is not teach betting to Yoon Se-ah.

Seong Ji-han thought so.

When I saw this flood of supporting gifts, my thoughts went to Japan.

‘Hayeon has definitely decided to stay. He was able to devise a plan to keep Ito Shizuru in check.’

The time has come to use a check that has been difficult to use because it has not been clearly shown in numbers like this.



“Would you like to film a broadcast?”

Seong Ji-han decided to use that secret tactic at this time.

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