The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 178

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 178>

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“Escape? why?”

[It’s because of the Wandering Martial God I mentioned earlier.]

The blue lion in the electric wall frowned.

[He is targeting me and us.]


Although Seong Ji-han reacted like that on the outside, he was surprised.

Deep inside, I was predicting that the Wandering Martial God might target Raijin someday.

‘Of the three divine powers that arose in the future, the Thunder God’s power was similar to the power of the Thunder God.’

Thunder God’s Gyeol, which encompasses all of Thunder’s martial arts skills.

Because the basis for it was the power possessed by the Thunder Gods.

It was speculated that it was probably around this time that the Thunder God was suppressed and the War God created the Thunder God.

[okay. A constellation that has never been defeated until now. A monster that devours constellations and becomes stronger. He is flying to the God Throne, leading his star-studded army… … They say there is something to look into by destroying the God Throne.]

Seong Ji-han looked at the new throne beyond the electric wall and wondered.

I wonder if there is anything to look at in that huge chair.

But in the end, if you listen to the words, the goal of the God of War is not the God of Thunder, but the God Throne itself.

“The goal is the throne of God. If we can’t win, shouldn’t we just run away?”

[I am the representative of the Thunder Gods, but I cannot completely defy the will of the 77,000 Thunder Gods. And, the Thunder Gods all reigned as one of the most powerful gods in their world. For them, it is unthinkable to run away from a challenger.]

The Thunder God who reigned as a god-king in many myths.

To them, a challenger was something to be trampled on and defeated.

Thunder God’s pride did not allow him to abandon his throne and run away to avoid his enemies.

Therefore, most of the Raijin were willing to fight against the Wandering Martial God.

“Aren’t you also a thunder god? “You were thinking of escaping.”

[I am… … Beyond the universe, I saw the power of Martial God.]

Raijin’s voice was majestic, but when talking about martial gods.

The sound was trembling slightly.

[The soul-absorbing pattern you used a moment ago. Even though it was only the size of millet, it broke down the wall of vengeful spirits considerably… … .]

Are you talking about the Ten Thousand Demons?

Seong Ji-han nodded, and the blue lion shook his head.

[Mushin used it on the entire planet.]


[That pattern completely covered a planet… … ! No one could get out of there. Constellations, the owners of stars, were no exception.]

‘Musin is like that… … .’ He was expected to be strong.

So, it will be evaluated as a constellation that hunts constellations.

But, to destroy the Ten Thousand Demons and Gods all over the planet.

Seong Ji-han, who had used this himself, could see how absurd it was.

‘Even when I used the skill in my last life, the limit was only a few meters… … .’

Of course, now that I have a martial spirit, I can expand my scope even further as I grow further.

Still, laying down Ten Thousand Demons all over the planet?

No matter how much I thought about it, it was something I couldn’t even think about.

[He… … It is a catastrophic entity that cannot be resisted. I tried my best to persuade the rest of the Thunder Gods, but they wouldn’t listen. In fact, he said that if he continued to say things like that, he would remove me from his position as representative.]

“So you’re planning to escape?”

[Yes. Because I can’t just die like this… … ! However, his body is now tied up as part of Raijin. I have to switch to a new ‘concept’. Only then can we separate there.]

“If it’s a new concept… … .”

[The red thunderbolt you used… … I saw hope there. It has the properties of a thunderbolt, but has a clearly distinct power. A power that is not tied to the concept of the Thunder God because it is a mixture of two powers that originally could not be mixed. I really need it.]

Was the lightning strike that bad?

It’s just a mixture of the fire power of the phoenix and the power of lightning.

Seong Ji-han couldn’t understand why someone who was the representative of the Thunder God would rate Jeok-lei so highly.

‘Well, they say they’re paying a lot, so there’s no need not to pay.’

He decided to get as much in return as possible from the blue lion who had dealt all of his cards.

“Then I’ll do anything for you.”

[okay! What do you need? Just say it! I am the representative of the Raijin. I can give you everything you need!]

A thunder god who is confident that he can do anything.


“Then is it possible to eliminate from Earth? “I want to return to the old world.”

[I want to get rid of… … That is impossible. That wouldn’t work, even if it were a military god.]

“Is this too much? So can you strengthen my abilities? “Soulless is the power of a star.”

[Well, that’s also impossible. The power of a star… … How do I strengthen something like that?]

“Then what happens?”

When Seong Ji-han looked at Thunder God with disapproving eyes, he protested as if he felt unfair.

[Aren’t you asking for something too absurd in the first place…? … ! Infinite GP, SSS-level skills, SSS-level gifts… … ! Isn’t this necessary?]

“well… … “SSS isn’t that good, but I think EX level would be okay.”

Nowadays, the completion of the martial arts of unknown gods is important.

I didn’t think I would really feel like I was getting much stronger with the addition of the SSS level one by one.

You have to get EX, which is a higher level than that, so you’ll feel like you’ve earned some income.

[EX… … .]

And at Seong Ji-han’s words, Thunder God was deep in thought.

[That might be possible… … .]


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“Hoo, really?”

[okay. However, I cannot give it to you right now. No matter how EX level you are, you need to prepare.]

The Raijin then asked for a contract.

[‘Head of the Thunder God’ requests a contract.]

[‘Head of the Thunder God’ provides EX-level gifts and skills to player ‘Seong Ji-han.’]

[In return, player Seong Ji-han passes on the concept of ‘Completed Red Lightning’ to the leader of Raijin.]

[Do you want to accept this contract?]

* Caution – This is God’s contract. If you break your promise, you will be severely punished.

A contract in which Raishin first provides EX-level gifts or skills, and Seong Ji-han hands over the concept later.

‘If you can get EX level, it’s not a losing deal.’

Seong Ji-han signed a contract with the head of the Thunder God.

[good… … Well, I will let you know as soon as preparations are complete. So, you too, quickly complete Red Lightning.]

When the contract was concluded, the leader of the Thunder God breathed a sigh of relief.

“Try your best. “Time is running out, though.”

[right… … Because you never know when the god of war will strike. ah. okay. I will prepare a place for you to practice here. The passage of time will be slow in the special dungeon and training room.]

Maybe it’s because it’s urgent over there.

In order to complete the quest, Raijin provides various conveniences in addition to the originally promised reward.

He even cared about Seong Ji-han’s party members.

[Oh, and the beggars you brought… … Did you say you need to level up? Zeus’s faults, I’ll keep summoning them. It looks like your team was wiped out this time, so come prepared next time.]

“Oh, was it wiped out?”


Even if it was God’s fault, it was still too much for Platinum to win.

Seong Ji-han nodded.

“Then send me to the training place. “Let’s start right away.”

[This is a good attitude. Please wait a moment.]

Did I wait like that for about 10 minutes?

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !

In front of Seong Ji-han, a blue portal was created.

[10 days in it is 1 day in reality.]

It’s possible to train for 10 days in one day.

Seong Ji-han asked with shining eyes.

“It’s a shame it’s only once a week. “Can’t you come to a more special dungeon?”

[That is impossible because it is territory. I’m still pushing myself hard enough.]


When I first saw him, he seemed like an almighty god, but he was full of things that didn’t work out.

With that in mind, Seong Ji-han entered the portal.

* * *

A day later.

Seong Ji-han, who returned home, asked Yoon Se-ah who was in the living room.

“Se-ya, how many days has it been since I went in?”

“Has it been a day?”

“Aha, yes.”

Raijin’s training room, the effect is good.

Seong Ji-han thought that among the harvests obtained from the special dungeon, the training room might be the most valuable.

“Is it worth fighting against Zeus’s faults?”

“Ugh… … It was strong. Luckily, maybe because it was a special dungeon, I didn’t go down in level just because I died… … .”

Yoon Se-ah shook her head with a tired expression.

“I’ve been fooling around and believing in tents lately, but I feel like I’ve received a proper education.”

“The Raijin said he would summon me again next time. how is it. Do you want to try again?”

“Oh! really? Do you want to do it? “I have to take revenge!”

When told that another challenge is possible, Yoon Se-ah’s eyes light up.

I’ve never been killed in a game recently, but dying like this seemed to kick in my competitive spirit.

“But since I couldn’t level up this time, it might be a bit difficult to participate in the chaotic battlefield… … .”

“no it’s okay. Choosing 20 people is my right. “Your place is reserved.”

Yoon Se-ah has just been promoted to platinum.

Compared to other Platinums that are close to level 200, it is a very low level.

If she was chosen, it would 100% be said that her arms were bent inwards.


‘Even if it’s not Se-Ah but someone else, if they have those kind of results, they should be selected.’

The talent of the current platinum players on Earth.

Diana was at an ambiguous level compared to the gold below.

People with SSS level gifts had already advanced to Diamond.

Even the SS class was difficult to find.

Compared to Diana Gold, the talent pool is quite poor.

‘The 20 people I have the authority to select are promising players who will become the pillars of the future.’

And Yoon Se-ah was a player who perfectly fit those standards.

“First of all, we will include you, Masid, and Sophia, and we will also include other promising candidates to give them a chance.”

“Uh, really? who?”

“These are people you know well.”

Seong Ji-han went down to the guild, selected the people he was thinking of, and told them to Lee Ha-yeon.

After receiving the list from him, Lee Ha-yeon opened her eyes wide.

“They are choosing from among these people…” … .”


The list selected by Seong Ji-han is a total of 30 people.

Among them, some belonged to the waiting guild and some did not.

Lee Ha-yeon looked at the list carefully and spoke.

“Participating in a battlefield of chaos is a tremendous opportunity… … It would be such a waste to just pull it out… … .”

“Then, let’s take donations.”

“Aha, pay it yourself?”

Rather than receiving GP separately for selecting a player.

I told people to pay for it themselves because it was good for other people to see.

Lee Ha-yeon nodded at Seong Ji-han’s words and distinguished between those who belonged to the waiting guild and those who did not on the list.

“Can I contact you from our guild? Still, I think there should be guild merit.”


“yes! “Then I’ll contact you right away.”

Lee Ha-yeon started contacting players from the waiting guild.

This soon began to spread widely in the industry.

* * *

“Shit… … By quietly hiding… … !”

Barron lost to Yoon Se-ah in this promotion match.

He was in complete despair, saying that he had lost to his nephew as well as his uncle, and lived a life of alcoholism.



As he continued to watch the promotion match, he saw Yoon Se-ah hiding in the tent and broke the bottle.

Grrrr… … .

When my cell phone vibrated, I answered the call with a dazed look on my face.

[Barron. I received a call from the waiting guild.]

“Why there? Hehe… … You said you were going to kick me out? To keep me in check?”

[no. Seong Ji-han asks if you have any intention of participating in the battlefield of chaos.]

“… … what? me?”

Barron was startled and opened his eyes wide.

A battlefield of chaos.

Even though it gave me 7 stat points, I was reluctant to participate.

Since I had a problem with Seong Ji-han last time, I wasn’t even expecting it.

“… … Really? “Isn’t he trying to make fun of me?”

[…] … It’s a joke. They say that if you don’t think about it, you’ll move on to the next step. Are you not going to do it?]

“Ha, do it, do it! “I’ll do it!”

Stat +7.

There wasn’t a player there whose eyes weren’t rolling.


“what… … Barron got a call? “Is he the one who teased Seong Ji-han like that?”

“Yes, Barron has already put it on star status. ‘Sung, I’ll admit it just this once’… … “I said.”

“Hmm, I can’t believe he even received a call… … .”

China’s Heavenly Horse.

Wang Lin was drooling when he heard that Barron had participated in the chaotic battlefield.

“How can I…?” … “Why not?”

“They say they are mainly contacting those belonging to the standby guild… … .”

“Oh yeah… … .”

When Korea and China faced off, Wang Rin left the guild.

He got along better with Seong Ji-han than Barron, but he was not part of the waiting guild.

I didn’t receive a call this time.

“that… … How could it not? Sign up again… … .”

“I… … “I will speak to the higher-ups.”

“Stat is 7, 7. This is a really important question!”

So, the signs were not good ever since I left the guild… … !

Wang Lin became impatient.

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