The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 179

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 179>

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“Miss, you have a guest from the People’s Association.”


Lee Ha-yeon frowned.

After Seong Ji-han decided to select 20 people to be selected for the chaotic battlefield from within the waiting guild.

People kept coming from the People’s Association, China’s number one guild.

“Guild Master. See you again.”

A middle-aged man with a greasy face entered the guild master’s room with a sly look on his face.

Zhang Shichong.

One of the top executives of the Chinese People’s Congress who competed with Robert Gates for sponsorship when Sheng Jihan obtained the Phoenix Flag.

Originally, I wasn’t in a position to come all the way to Korea in person.

“You still look beautiful today… … ! “She is more beautiful in person than in video.”

He said that he had always been a fan of Lee Ha-yeon, and he came on his own instead of asking a subordinate to do so.

“It’s a pity that you’re dating Seong Ji-han. “I’m really sorry.”

Meanwhile, Jang Shi-chong glances at Lee Ha-yeon.

With her greedy gaze, Lee Ha-yeon’s expression turned cold.

A man with four kids is annoying.

“Please get to the point.”

“Haha, it’s the same as what I said yesterday. “I would like to re-incorporate five players, including the Heavenly Demon Wangrin, into the standby guild.”

The People’s Association says that whenever they leave, they will naturally come back in as the situation turns into a chaotic battlefield.

Lee Ha-yeon shook her head left and right.

“I have to give you the same answer as yesterday. Sorry, but there are no empty seats. “Please apply next time a position becomes available.”

“Wouldn’t it be enough to make a seat? “All we have to do is let players from other countries leave.”

“It’s impossible under the contract.”

“If you cancel the rental contracts with other players, we will pay all the penalties. “We also pay twice the usual rent.”

I heard that the People’s Association is so financially wealthy.

Zhang Shichong tried to placate her with money, but Lee Ha-yeon flatly refused.

“Thank you for the offer, but I also have to consider relationships with other guilds. “It must be difficult to accept.”

“Hehe… … You should also consider your relationship with our guild. “Wouldn’t it be nice if neighbors got along well?”

“Wasn’t it you who left first?”

When are you going to have a serious argument with Seong Ji-han?

Lee Ha-yeon was dumbfounded by the attitude of the People’s Assembly, which asked her to proudly give up her seat instead of even offering an apology.

“Neighbors may have a brief fight. However, since we will continue to encounter each other, wouldn’t it be mutually beneficial if things end well in the end? Among the players who have signed a rental contract, I heard that guild members from Italy or Australia are paying low rent because they signed at an early stage. “Cancel your contract with them and join us.”

Jangseuchong even designates players to terminate their rental contracts.

Lee Ha-yeon sighed and looked at Lim Ga-young.

“That must be difficult to accept. Gayoung, I will see you off.”

“Please come this way.”

“Hehe, that’s right. It’s an opportunity for both to make a profit. It’s a shame, it’s a shame. “I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

Zhang Shichong left the guild master’s room with a sly expression on his face until the end.

Not long after, Gayoung Lim came back in.

“Did anything happen?”

“He also asked me if I had a boyfriend. “He started talking nonsense, saying that the three hotels in Seoul were his and that he had no intention of tying them up with him.”

“Oh, you crazy bastard. “I don’t know why you speak Korean so well.”

“My ex-wife was probably Korean.”

“Have you given birth to four children?”

“No, he has one child.”

So how many ex-wives does he have?

Lee Ha-yeon said in disgust.

“I don’t want to see that guy again tomorrow… … Should we go on a business trip?”

“I strongly agree.”

“Let’s just confirm the list of 20 people and then let’s go.”

20 people that Seong Ji-han wants to take to the chaotic battlefield.

Originally, the name of the Cheonma Wangrin was also included in the list.

This is because we selected players with the highest growth potential without considering nationality or anything else.

And besides Wang Rin, among the players selected by Seong Ji-han.

There were a few more people who were not part of the waiting guild.

‘Maybe I should have just chosen what was given to me then… … .’

From the guild master’s point of view, Lee Ha-yeon suggested that Lee Ha-yeon be selected from the guild first, wanting to give merit to those from the waiting guild.

However, when Zhang Shichong suddenly came to the guild, I felt like I had done it for no reason.

‘No, but I still came this far… … ‘I have to go to the guild until the end!’

Lee Ha-yeon, who was rather annoyed by the people’s meeting, confirmed the list of people from the guild that day.

Because there was a limit to the number of people in the waiting guild, the list of Platinum talent was limited to 10 people.

“Owner, the list of guild members has been confirmed!”

[Yes, I will go see it.]

Seong Ji-han looked at the list confirmed by Lee Ha-yeon and nodded.

“Is this our guild list?”

“Yes, the owner should select the remaining 10 people. “Wouldn’t it be okay to guess from the list you gave me?”

“Of course.”


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A list of 10 people with talents with SS-level gifts, including SSS-level Baron.

Perhaps because promising talent were sent to waiting guilds from all over the world, the selection process was very spectacular.

As for the 10 people here, we can choose from among the remaining talents.

‘Should I pick in order of gifts?’

Then, the first person to be chosen is Cheonma Wangrin.

Seong Ji-han took a pen and started drawing circles.

Lee Ha-yeon, who was watching from the side, cautiously opened the door.

“Um, owner… … “Are you planning on picking Wang Rin?”

“Yes, I was thinking of picking in order of gifts. “It’s better to bring in talented people.”

“Oh, I see… … .”

“Is there something wrong?”

“Oh, no. “Owner, can I go on vacation for just a few days?”

“Are you on vacation?”

“Yes, I’m not going anywhere far, I’m just going to rest at home in the Sword Palace.”

Lee Ha-yeon, who came to the guild every day and never thought about taking a break, is on vacation.

As Seong Ji-han looked at him with puzzled eyes, Lim Ga-young gave a supplementary explanation next to him.

“Recently, a persistent middle-aged man keeps trying to get the young lady to do things. “I think you need some rest.”

“Middle-aged man, who is that?”

“The People’s Assembly’s Chang Shichong.”

“Has someone from the People’s Assembly arrived?”

“Yes, please accept someone from them again.”

The subject who went out on his own to reveal the origins of martial arts is asking me to join the guild again to participate in the chaotic battlefield.

Seong Ji-han chuckled.

“Did you at least apologize to me or the guild?”

“An apple? What is an apple? “He confidently told me that he would just give me more money and told me to kick out other guild members and make room for him.”

Do you think that money is everything, without even the slightest apology?

‘That won’t work.’

I just tried to pick them in order of ability.

There’s nothing I can do if it comes out from over there.

Seong Ji-han erased Wang Lin’s name from the list.

“Even if they offer you 10 times more money, don’t take it.”


“And when he comes, just kick him out right away. Don’t deal with them one by one. Hayeon is A, and that one is Eul.”

“Yes, I will do that from now on!”

As Seong Ji-han stopped the traffic, Lee Ha-yeon’s eyes sparkled.

After all, it was China’s number one guild, and he didn’t care at all.

I have to follow that stance.

“Then you don’t have to go on vacation!”

“Why don’t you go on vacation? “People need to get some rest.”

“No, I want to kick him out myself. Hehe… … .”

Have you been under a lot of stress from Zhang Shichong?

Lee Ha-yeon smiled at the corner of her mouth.

And the next day.

“Hey, Guild Master! What is this doing? They kicked me out as a representative of the People’s Assembly… … !”

“The list announcement is over. So please don’t come any more.”

“haha… … ! How dare Korean guilds ignore our People’s Assembly’s proposal like this?”

“Yes, ignore it.”

In addition to Ga-young Lim, Lee Ha-yeon called several bodyguards.

An order was immediately issued to Zhang Shichong.

“Especially if you are from another People’s Association, I have no intention of negotiating with you, Jiang Shichong. How many times do you look at people? “He also s*xually harassed Gayoung.”

“Hmm… … ! When did I say that… … !”

“Gayoung told me to go to the hotel?”

He cleared his throat at Lee Ha-yeon’s point and looked around.

A situation where large bodyguards are all looking at oneself.

There seemed to be no intention of negotiating at all.

“… … “You will regret it.”

In the end, he uttered only one word in a depressed state and left the waiting guild.

“Wow, that guy has finally gone.”

“You say you’ll regret it, what are you planning to do?”

“I don’t know, just try anything.”

As Lee Ha-yeon returned to the guild master room, she turned the mouse wheel with a much more relieved expression.

“As the owner said, Gap is here, right?”

* * *

[The list of participants in the Battleground of Chaos is confirmed!]

[Did you select them in order of gift level? All 20 people selected by Seong Ji-han are outstanding prospects.]

[It is evaluated as a fair list that includes Barron, who had trouble with Seong Ji-han, and leaves out the housemaster.]

[Why was SSS-level Wang Lin excluded? Chinese netizens are fiercely protesting against Seong Ji-han!]

-No, who were the guys who left first and where were they trying to crawl back in? LOL – What kind of dirty things did they do to find out whether they were the sacred martial arts faction or the Sa faction?

-It was only a short time ago that there was a fuss that the Chinese kids should be stripped of their status as a national team, which is sacred to them, along with Japan.

– So, haha, so you say ‘pick me out’… … .

Announcement of list of chaotic battlefields.

Recruitment from the World Alliance was focused on fighters and supporters who were close to level 200.

The 20 people selected by Seong Ji-han were all promising prospects whose names no fan would know.

In addition to being from the waiting guild.

Players who will be the pillars of the future, selected according to gift level.

Looking at the list, it was clear that they were selected solely based on ability, and it felt like it was fair.

Just one person.

There was a lot of talk about the exclusion of Wang Lin, one of the best prospects.

– Seong Ji-han should not do this if he cares about humanity. Everyone must be given a fair chance!

-Are they already keeping Wang Lin’s talent in check? As expected, the bread bowl is small.

-Does it make sense to include an SS-level gift instead of Wang Rin?

– Seong Ji-han, apologize quickly and revise the list!

Especially the Chinese following Seong Ji-han and Daegi Guild’s Battle Tube.

They even invaded Yoon Se-ah’s Battle Tube and started posting all kinds of malicious comments.

-Ah, why are Chinese girls so shameless? Haha – no, if it were you, would you pick me?

-And the one who selects the list is a holy mind, but why are they saying this and that;

And there are even comments from Korean people refuting this.

The Internet world where a great war broke out.

One Seong Ji-han.

“Here we go again.”

I looked through the protesting comments and immediately turned off.

Now that the team was fully formed, all I could think about was clearing the chaotic battlefield in earnest.

The expedition team began to unite in’s virtual training space prepared by the World Federation.


People’s Assembly conference room.

“no… … Why didn’t it work?”

Wang Lin entered the conference room with a sad expression.

Then, Zhang Shichong, who was the main figure in the negotiations, cleared his throat and defended his failure.

“Hmm! Those guys were so arrogant. “They kicked me out, representing the People’s Assembly!”

“Huh, Korean guilds and such tried to treat me well… … .”

“You are so arrogant.”

They believed Zhang Shichong’s words and criticized the waiting guild.

He began making efforts to somehow provide a position for Wang Lin, China’s top talent.

“Wanglin’s seat. “Can’t we put it in place of the Chinese player selected by the World Federation?”

“That is impossible because the federation has clearly set a level limit. I don’t know if Wangrin reaches level 180 or higher… … .”

“Huh, the chaotic battlefield will end before then.”

Wang Rin, who has just been promoted, cannot reach level 180.

Zhang Shichong listened to the story like that and spoke with a meaningful look on his face.

“How many of our players have been selected now?”

“About 60 people.”

“then… … It makes them unable to wake up… .”

“What is that… … .”

“Until Wang Rin is elected, we are deliberately sabotaging work.”

Those standby guild guys, I said I would make you regret it, right?

Zhang Shichong insisted on such a risky gamble.

“60 people is enough to ruin a game. “They are sabotaging the business and ask for Wang Rin to be brought in.”

“Hmm… … .”

“Isn’t it too risky?”

“is it so. “If this becomes known, it will attract criticism from around the world.”

“Then do you want to be treated like this? “We have to show those bastards what they see.”

Was it really that shameful to be kicked out by Lee Ha-yeon?

Zhang Shichong strongly advocates sabotage.

Wang Lin heard this from the side and frowned.

‘I don’t think this will work… … .’

Due to my sacred personality, there is no way I would just look at that… … .

“hmm… … “Then let’s do something.”

“you’re right. “I can’t just let it happen like this!”

However, the People’s Association originally had a hard-line personality.

Thinking that their representative had been humiliated by the waiting guild, they decided to pursue an absurd method.

Wang Rin looked anxious.

‘It’s ruined… … .’

I had no choice but to watch this.

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