The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 194

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 194>

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Tied for first place in the Space League.

Of the 20 planets participating in the league, 10 teams were tied for first place and 10 teams were tied for last place.

The effect this had was significant.

[Because it is at the top of the league, the GP exchange rate is preferential.]

The price of GP exchanged on has also dropped.

[The currently summoned dungeon portals will disappear en masse. Dungeons are created only in the bottom 5 percent of countries.]

The number of dungeon portals created in the bottom 10 percent of countries has decreased significantly to 5 percent.

If this were to happen, out of the 200 or so countries on Earth, dungeons would only be created in 10.

In fact, it is easier to manage than in the previous tutorial.

-and… … Is this the number one effect?

-Are you crazy?

– Seong Ji-han saved many lives, really;

There is a long time left until the next Space League match, so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being tied for first place for a considerable period of time.

People enjoyed the festive atmosphere for a while.

[Space League points will be settled daily from now on.]

[League points can be earned through games in addition to regular league games.]

[The league is expanding. Master and Grand Master leagues will be created above the Diamond League.]

[In the future, in games of Master League or higher, you will be matched with races in the Space League.]

Another change occurred on as a result of the notice that appeared a day later.

The point that determines the Space League ranking is not only the official league matches.

It can now be obtained through players’ achievements in regular games.

And with the points thus settled, the ranking of mankind changed immediately.

[Humanity falls from joint 1st place to 8th place. World Tree Elf – 71 immediately jumps to 11th place.]

[“Executing an elf is actually beneficial!” Coach Davis, who had been rumored to be fired, saw the changes in the league and insisted that he was right.]

[Dungeon Portal, scope changed to 10% of countries again. However, the lost dungeon portal will not be created again.]

-The elves are strong. Of the 10 races that lost in the opening match, did they take the most points, then?

-ㅇㅇ 202 points alone. We earned about 100 a day haha ​​- but if we win a league game, we get 10,000 points +. There is still a big difference in scores… … .

-If the points you earn every day accumulate, they will become very big in the future, right?

-Was Director Davis right? thief

“If you hadn’t been executed yesterday, you would have earned more points, elves.”

“okay. “You did well to kill him.”

The living room of the penthouse.

Yoon Se-ah muttered that while looking at the point numbers shown in the Space League rankings.

You can get 500 league points per day.

There were only six planets that earned more than 200 points.

The planets ranked 1st to 5th rising with ??, and the world tree elf ranked 11th – 71.

Considering that other races could not even get up to 150 points per day, it was clear how strong the World Tree Elves were.

Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han looked at the point numbers and tried to remember.

‘The races ranked 1st to 5th would be the elves and dragons of the World Tree Alliance… … The amount of points earned is different from before.’

In the last life, the elves of the World Tree Alliance received at least 240 points.

Additionally, later on, when players advance to the Master League and Grand Master League.

The daily point supply has reached almost 500.

This is a huge number compared to the daily points that humanity gained at the last moment, which was about 200.

So, people mocked themselves by saying that they did not earn more points than Elf during the opening match.

But the overall figure is dropping… … .

‘It might have something to do with the elf being executed… … .’

World Tree – 71’s power was greatly shattered, and the players were relocated from five planets?

Although the exact facts were not yet known, Seong Ji-han judged that this would have a significant impact in the future.

Although the point gain amount is only a few dozen different now.

Later, during the final settlement of the league, this difference will grow enormously.

“Uncle, but what do constellations do? “Have you ever had a precognitive dream?”

As the tutorial ends, Yoon Se-ah tilts her head as she looks at the newly added constellation slot.

Ariel, who was watching TV on one side of the sofa, answered instead of Seong Ji-han.

“A constellation is the ruler of a planet recognized by To be exact, he is a player who has reached level 777.”

“So you’re a senior?”

“You’re a senior, so you can look at it from that perspective… … In any case, the constellations sponsor players according to their own purposes. “They mainly support those who can help them and try to make a profit for themselves.”

“okay? Umm… … “I can do it too, so why don’t you sponsor me?”

That’s because Seong Ji-han was so unrivaled last year.

Yoon Se-ah’s growth was also remarkable.

So much so that I can say that I can ‘snap’ on my own.


“Isn’t your gift still low grade?”

“Yes, it’s C-level. “They say you have to meet the ‘appropriate’ constellation to be promoted to B.”

A waiting promotion condition that opens after completing the tutorial.

In order to upgrade to B, you had to receive support from the Holy See.

“Just because it’s a constellation doesn’t mean it knows everything. Probably, the decision will be made based on the gift level of the player being sponsored. “If it’s a C grade, I won’t pay any attention to it.”

“ah… … okay? “Are you ruined?”


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Yoon Se-ah made an embarrassed expression.

A constellation that selects sponsors based solely on gift level.

Grade C, a chronic disease, was immediately subject to filtering.

“If the sponsoring constellation continues to not appear, I will talk to the Shadow Queen.”

“Oh! really? “Is this how you get a job through personal connections?”

“Well, don’t expect much. “I am just making a suggestion to the Queen.”

“But how can I submit my resume without getting cut right away? “Does your uncle have a constellation?”

“me? Yes. Thunderer.”

“and… … The Thunder God of the New Throne? “I guess that god was also a player.”

“Oh, it’s not necessarily just the player who becomes the constellation. Becoming a constellation at level 777 is just one way.”

“okay? As expected, the universe is wide… … .”

Around the time when Yoon Se-ah and Ariel were having a conversation about the constellations.

Beep. Beep beep.

I heard the sound of a door button outside the living room, and Yoon Se-jin came in.

Now that the opening match is over, he came back from a meeting with the Alliance exploration team to explore the dungeon again.

He approached Seong Ji-han with a serious face.

“Brother-in-law… … “Can you help me?”

“Is there a problem?”

“With the victory in this opening match, a large number of dungeon portals have disappeared from North Korea. So, the Abyss, which gains strength from the dungeon portal, has also been weakened… … .”

Abyss, a high-level dungeon created by combining dungeon portals.

Originally, Yoon Se-jin had planned to gradually remove the power of the Abyss by gradually clearing the outer dungeon portals.

Humanity won the opening match, so things moved forward.

“Then can we just explore the Abyss?”

“No, it’s still too early to say that. I think we need to first eliminate the four huge dungeon portals around the Abyss. However, the Federation’s investigation team said they needed more power and did not want to proceed with the investigation right away.”

“Honestly, as long as you have a brother-in-law, you’ll have enough power, right?”

“Maybe it’s because it’s my first time entering a huge dungeon portal. It seems prudent… … .”

A huge dungeon portal summoned from the directions of north, south, east and west, centered on the Abyss.

This did not disappear even with the opening game victory, and still maintained a large scale.

Although we have easily eliminated the dungeon portal so far.

Since there is a large size difference in this case, the alliance investigation team is probably taking a conservative attitude.

“All right. “I’ll go too, then.”

“oh… … “Gwae, is that okay?”

“yes. It’s my sister’s job, so it’s natural. And, I reached max level.”

Seong Ji-han achieved level 200 after winning the opening 5 games.

Now, until the promotion match in January, I couldn’t raise my level any further.

There may be time to spare.

Seong Ji-han decided to help the Sword King and find his sister’s whereabouts.

“I’ll join you right away.”

“Um, Dad… … I’m also platinum. “Can I participate?”

Yoon Se-ah also showed interest in exploring the dungeon to find her mother.

“You never know what might happen in the dungeon portal. “I would like you to wait for me at home.”

“okay. Diamonds should only be for one person. Just wait patiently and level up. “I’ll be back soon.”

Although Yoon Se-ah’s skills were outstanding.

Now that we don’t know what will come out of the giant dungeon portal, we have to exclude risk factors as much as possible.

“… … Ugh, okay.”

She licked her lips in disappointment at the two’s refusal, then nodded with effort.

Because I wasn’t a child who was so angry that I wanted to find my mom.

“Then I’ll go and come back.”

“Yes, come back~”

Three days after Seong Ji-han joined the investigation team.

[Seong Ji-han. Join the Dungeon Investigation Team! He revealed that he will focus on researching dungeons until the promotion.]

[With enhanced power, the investigation team challenges the huge dungeon portal for the first time. Will North Korea be liberated?]

Everyone’s attention was focused on the actions of the investigation team, which was attempting the world’s first giant dungeon portal.

* * *

The dungeon exploration itself proceeded smoothly.

“With even skilled players joining, it’s almost instantaneous.”

“It feels like an outing, not a dungeon. ha ha ha.”

The alliance investigation team was very worried about what would come out of the giant dungeon portal.

After entering, monsters stronger than the previous dungeon portals appeared.


A sword is stuck in the ground.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

annihilation decision

God of all ghosts

When the Mangwibongsin revealed its pattern, the ghost monsters that made up most of the enemies were instantly drawn into it.

“Oh oh… … ! “All the ghosts will disappear!”

“I never thought I would see Seong Ji-han working hard so closely… … ! “Good job supporting the investigation team!”

Originally, Seong Ji-han was a player who attracted attention around the world.

After winning the opening match against Elf, his status rose even higher.

Just when 20 percent were about to be executed, the situation was completely turned upside down.

Now, not only the general public, but also officials and players have said that they are Seong Ji-han’s biggest fans.

“Red Lightning is also coming out… … !”

“I have to film this!”

click. click.

Phone cameras popping up everywhere.

Seong Ji-han frowned when the investigation team only took pictures without doing the investigation they asked him to do.

“excuse me. When are you going to explore the dungeon core?”

“ah. Well, that… … .”

“I haven’t found the search yet. haha.”

“Still not caught? “What is the grade?”

“It’s B.”

Supporting gift search level B was effective enough for regular dungeon portals.

It seemed to be ineffective in large dungeon portals.

‘It seems like there’s a big problem with grades. Kristoff needs to join us quickly.’

Commentator Kristoff of channel 0.

This time, he hit the jackpot thanks to his pilgrimage, so he immediately took a long vacation and boarded a plane to Korea, saying he would repay the favor.

‘Well, it looks like he’s bringing a lump of luggage too…’ … ‘Because it’s not as dangerous here as you think.’

Phew. Phew.

Let the Sword King’s white sword, which flies freely in the dungeon, pierce the ghost.

Ah ah ah ah ah… … .

The enemy instantly turned into smoke and disappeared.

Honestly, it’s a huge dungeon that only the Sword King can enter.

The force was sufficient.

Navigation is the problem.

“Once we know that B won’t work, let’s come out.”

“All right… … .”

On the third day, there was a huge dungeon portal that could not be removed because the dungeon core could not be explored.

One, this evening.

“castle! I’m here! Well, I’m sorry, but… … .”

“Jihan! “I’m here too~!”

“Sophie insisted on going too, so I brought her with me…” … “Isn’t it dangerous here?”

“Safety is okay.”

Things changed when Kristoff and his group joined.

“I think it’s here?”

Kristoff’s exploration is definitely effective even in large dungeon portals.

The dungeon core appeared in an instant, putting the three days of hard work to shame.

And, after destroying the dungeon core.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !

“no… … The ring… … !”

Yoon Se-jin’s ring vibrates intensely.

The void energy that Se-ah Yoon had discerned completely colored the ring.

And within it.

His older sister’s voice was familiar to him.

=Yoon Se-jin… … you… … I will curse you… … !

The sound was so eerie that it sent shivers down my spine.

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