The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 195

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 195>

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“I’m cursing you… … .”

After exploring the North Korean dungeon, it was an achievement to hear Seong Ji-ah’s voice.

The content inside was unexpected.

‘My sister isn’t the type to say things like that… … .’

Seong Ji-ah has a gentle personality.

I used to nag Seong Ji-han to go out and do some activities.

His usual tone of voice was kind and soft, and he was not the type of person to curse like that.

Why on earth were you singling out Yoon Se-jin?

“… … Is he still alive? “Thank goodness.”

Yoon Se-jin fiddled with the ring around her neck with a blank expression, and a weak smile appeared on her lips.

It was an expedition to North Korea that started without great expectations.

Either curse or swear twice.

Significant traces of Seongjia were discovered, so that was it.

“If you explore other large dungeons, you might come across something more.”

“Christoph, can we go to one more place today?”

“Of course you can! But what was said that made you so surprised?”

“Because I said I was cursing my brother-in-law.”

“aha… … A curse. “Did they even know that you went to Japan?”

“hmm… … .”

If you knew that Shizuru fell for you, shouldn’t you know that he’s back now?

Given Seong Ji-ah’s personality, if she had known that Yoon Se-jin was charmed and then came back stabbing her in the eyes.

Rather than cursing and asking why they went over there, I would say that they had a hard time and what should I do with my eyes.

“I guess I’ll have to do some more exploration to find out.”

“okay. “Let’s keep going.”

“yes. And I’ll have to call Se-ah too.”

“Se-Ado… … .”

“The dungeon is not that dangerous, and Se-Ah can discern the power of the void.”

A huge dungeon portal that was wiped out easier than expected by Seong Ji-han and Yoon Se-jin.

Of course, going to other dungeons might be more dangerous than here.

‘There’s a clear clue, so we need to focus on this.’

As soon as Seong Ji-han came out of the dungeon, he immediately called Yoon Se-ah.

“Se-ya, come to the dungeon.”

[uh? really? Can I go?]

“uh. It was less dangerous than I thought. Come with Akari. “There are some things for you to discern.”

[why? What happened?]

When Seong Ji-han told her what had happened a little while ago, Yoon Se-ah was very surprised.

[omg… … Mom said that to Dad? I can’t imagine.]

“My brother-in-law likes it because it feels like he’s still alive.”

[hmm… … I know. You curse because you know something, right? eww. I’m curious. I have to go quickly! Akari-nee! Let’s get ready!]

“okay. “I’ll send the investigation team’s car, so come quickly.”

Seong Ji-han called Yoon Se-ah like that.

“Then let’s quickly go to the next dungeon.”


I immediately started exploring the second huge dungeon portal.

The second huge dungeon portal is an hour’s drive away.

Sophia, who was riding in the same large van as Seong Ji-han, looked intently at his face.

“Sophie, stop staring. Seong Ji-han, this must be a burden.”

“Why are you watching because you like it, oppa? Jihan, are you feeling burdened?”

“Well, I’m used to it. now.”

“… … ha. “The person who made it holy because he owns it!”

“Chris, you’re just staring. “Why are you nagging?”

I wasn’t really this kind of kid.

Kristoff shook his head with a tired face and changed the topic.

“A noble player. Was Saint Jia Seong connected with the North Korean exploration?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“aha… … no wonder. “I was curious as to why the King of Swords was exploring North Korea.”

“There were only two people in the saint class, me and Seongjia. I was really sad that you disappeared. “She had many things she wanted to ask her senior saint.”

Supporter class special job, saint.

There were only two saints of mankind, Sungjia and Sophia.

A saint who has stronger buff effects compared to the existing supporter class and can use divine power more deeply.

“But I still don’t know what it means to use divine power in depth… … “I wanted to ask this to Seong Ji-ah first.”

Seong Ji-han thought about his last life.

Even then, Sophia couldn’t find a clue about this.

-Jihan, have you heard anything from Seong Ji-ah? About the use of divine power.

I asked him several times if he remembered anything.

In the end, until the end, Sophia was unable to fully utilize the saint class.

“If you find your sister this time, ask her.”


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“Yes, so make sure to find it!”

“Oh, and Kristoff. “This is what I promised.”

Jihan Seong handed over the Akashic Page that had been confiscated from Shizuru last time from his inventory to Kristoff.

“uh… … ! Bur, are you giving it to me already?”

“I’ll give it to you anyway. “I need to give it to you quickly and finish exploring the dungeon quickly with S-level exploration.”

“under… … As expected, distribution is large. Well, then, without hesitation, I would like to thank you… … !”

Thanks to the sacred place, I hit the jackpot at the beginning of the year.

Now, you can even strengthen your abilities with the enormously valuable Akashic Pages.

Kristoff received the Akashic page with a happy face and strengthened his support gift.

“Oh oh… … Navigation S… … ! “It’s so easy to increase your abilities!”

“Since you have become an S, let’s finish North Korea work while you are in Korea.”

“Good! “Let’s conquer the Abyss!”

Kristoff, who became humanity’s greatest searcher through the Akashic Page, was in high spirits as he set out to subdue the Abyss.

“Just exploring… … Anyone who sees me will think that my brother clears all dungeons.”

“Oh, what an important mission this is!”

Meanwhile, the Kristoff siblings bicker.

Seong Ji-han chuckled as he watched that scene.

They look completely different from their brother and sister.

‘I accepted everything from my sister…’ … .’

Seong Ji-ah is 10 years older than Seong Ji-han.

She played the role of a responsible head of household until her parents passed away and she gave up on going to college, which she had been preparing for.

When I think about it now, my younger sister, who was 20, must have been quite shocked.

I bravely took charge of my life without showing any signs of it in front of my younger brother.

‘… … Just as my brother-in-law said. All you have to do is stay alive.’

Curse Yoon Se-jin or not.

That my sister is alive.

That fact itself was important.

I’m sorry.

The van the group was riding in stopped, and the second huge dungeon.

“Oh, Seong Ji-han. You can feel it right away. Right from the entrance, you get the feeling of a dungeon hack!”

Kristoff, whose abilities had been strengthened to S-class, found the dungeon core much faster than before.


“Uh, and… … Is there something on the ground here? “I didn’t feel it when I was in class A.”

“Where is it?”

“Hey, here we are.”

As he became S-class, Kristoff caught another clue in a huge dungeon portal.

On the ground he pointed to, a translucent dungeon core was cleverly hidden.

“this… … “I don’t know if it was there in the giant dungeon earlier.”

“I guess I’ll have to take a look around another giant dungeon and check it out.”

“yes. “It would be difficult if the general public entered the dungeon thinking it had been cleared, but then the dungeon opened again.”

When he was finding all the dungeon hacks like that.

“that person. “Isn’t it Kristoff’s commentary?”

“Uh, but… … Do you have any exploration skills? Are you looking for a dungeon hack?”

“He also found the huge dungeon earlier. “I think his ability is at least B level.”

“and… … Kristoff’s commentary was a player. “Is this a complete scoop?”

Christoph is known all over the world as a commentator for Channel 0.

The investigation team recognized him and became agitated.

“Haha, this is true. There’s nothing you can do about fame! ruler. “This is Kristoff, the world’s best explorer!”

“Oh, is that really true?”

“Commentator, please give me an autograph!”

“Of course you should! now. come here!”

Have you decided to use this opportunity to come out as someone with exploration skills?

Kristoff openly revealed himself to the investigation team members.

Sophia sighed.

“ha… … Jihan, I’m sorry. “My brother has a bit of an interest disorder.”

“It’s S-class, so it’s exciting. All you have to do is do your job well.”

“yes. “I will be there to keep an eye on you!”

Then, Sofia turned towards Kristoff.

Sejin Yoon looked at the dungeon core he found and nodded with satisfaction.

“Exploration S, what a great ability… … The work will be over soon. “Shall we destroy the dungeon core right away?”

“I think Se-Ah will arrive in an hour, but wouldn’t it be better to destroy it once it gets there? “We may be able to find out more information through the power of the void.”

“In 1 hour… … That would be better. “I need to make my surroundings safe.”

“Yes, let’s sort it out.”

So that nothing happens to you.

Seong Ji-han and Yoon Se-jin completely wipe out the monsters that appear in the dungeon and wait for a while.

“uncle! dad! I’m here!”

Yoon Se-ah, accompanied by Akari, came running in a huff.

“Where where…” … “What can I see?”

“wait for a sec. Destroy the dungeon core.”


Let Yoon Se-jin, who holds the necklace, destroy both dungeon cores.

[The dungeon core of the giant dungeon is destroyed.]

[Depending on your contribution to conquering the dungeon, the maximum level limit increases by 1.]

A system message that Seong Ji-han had not seen before came to mind.

‘Ho… … Is this the merit gained from conquering the dungeon?’

I thought Yoon Se-jin, who had the necklace, would have to destroy the dungeon core, so I just subdued the monsters.

As if the system recognized it as a contribution, it raised the level limit by 1.

‘Later, when the level limit is reached, I’ll have to go all the way to conquer the dungeon.’

Seong Ji-han even made plans for the future.

Grrrr… … !

When Yoon Se-jin’s ring trembled again, he focused his attention on it.

Aegis ring completely dyed purple.

“Se-ya, do it like you did then.”


Let Se-ah Yoon summon Void Arrow like last time.

The ring and arrow resonated, and purple light spread in all directions.


Ugh… … .

The vision before my eyes began to completely change.

* * *

‘This… … ‘Is it a hallucination?’

A world completely changed, dyed in purple.

Seong Ji-han immediately realized that this was a type of hallucination.

It’s as if I’m possessed somewhere.

Seongjihan himself was only watching, and the objects he shared his vision with were moving individually.

‘It’s easy to break the hallucination, but… … .’

Even now, if you want to, you can return to the original world.

In order to find clues about his sister, Seong Ji-han decided to remain possessed for now.

If something doesn’t feel right, you can come out right away.

‘But here… … ‘Is it a hospital?’

The scene of the world observed through the possessed object.

It felt similar to a room in a large hospital.

‘But… … It feels somehow familiar.’

As Seong Ji-han looked at the hospital room, he was caught by a strange sense of déjà vu.

I think I’ve been here once.

at that time.

“eww… … .”

A familiar voice flowed from the possessed subject’s mouth.

And then, someone suddenly appeared next to me.

“Se-ya, are you okay?!”

‘… … ‘It’s me, right?’ Unlike now, Seong Ji-han has deep dark circles and a haggard face.

He was looking at the subject of possession with a very worried face.

When Seong Ji-han saw that face, he realized where he was.

‘… … ‘This is the hospital where Se-Ah committed suicide.’

The hospital where Yoon Se-ah committed suicide after being terrorized by the Sword King Family.

In his last life, it was a place that contained the most painful memories for Seong Ji-han.

“uncle… … .”


“… … “Can I ask for a mirror?”

“… … okay.”

In the hand mirror that Seong Ji-han showed me, a face completely wrapped in bandages was revealed.

“recovery… … “Can I do it?”

“don’t worry. I’m desperately looking for a supporter. “I’ll give you back your old face.”

“I don’t think there will be anyone who will heal me… … .”

“Money is everything. Se-ya, uncle, you hit the jackpot, so don’t worry.”

“They always say it’s a hit… … .”


When Yoon Se-ah smiled empty-handedly.


A vibration rang out from Seong Ji-han’s pants pocket.

“Ah, Seiya. “I’ll be back for a bit.”

“Yeah, look at my work… … .”

Seong Ji-han seems to have answered the phone and leaves in a hurry.

Yoon Se-ah sighed softly as she watched Seong Ji-han leaving the hospital room, then got up.

‘Oh, no way…’ … Is this the time… … .’

Seong Ji-han’s heart sank as he watched this series of processes.

This was the time when I rushed out to get a loan call.

In my last life, it was the moment I regretted the most.

no way… … Are you seeing this from Yoon Se-ah’s perspective?

Why is this in the void… … .

at that time.

“… … Ha, do you think I’m going to die just because of this?”

Yoon Se-ah took out the hand mirror again and looked at it, gritting her teeth.

Even if I suffer a terrorist attack that rips my face off.

“Somehow, it will succeed.”

Her will was strong.

‘… … what? Suicide… … ‘Isn’t that what we do here?’


In some ways, this was normal.

Because Yoon Se-ah’s willpower was never weak.

When Seong Ji-han was watching the hallucination like that.

“You shouldn’t do that.”

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

Behind Yoon Se-ah.

“You must die here.”

I could hear some slurred Korean somewhere.

The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 194The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 196
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