The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 197

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 197>

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“Prophecy doesn’t work? Even in your own strength?”

Dongbangsak twitched his eyebrows as if it was unexpected.

Prophet Pythia.

Her prophecies date back to ancient times.

She was the fourth priestess of the Delphi temple in Greece, and showed horrifying powers of prediction through oracles.

The powerful people of each country wanted to have her as their own.

When the power of those in power reaches out to the extent that personal safety is threatened.

The wandering warrior who suddenly appeared took her as his squire.

‘What she took away from the god of war instead was the final prophecy.’

After becoming a servant of the God of War and living eternal life.

Sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman.

The greatest prophet of mankind who appeared and played an active role under various names throughout history.

However, as she became a squire of the God of War, she was unable to make a single prophecy.

That is ‘the last’.

The right to see the end of humanity was taken away from her by the god of war.

“interest… … “It might have something to do with ‘the last’.”

“okay? hmm… … This guy is actually preventing the end of humanity. “I maintained my ranking this time too.”

“The end of humanity and the end you are talking about are different. This time, the apocalypse that the Void Witch will preside over will be carried out as a punishment for “The end of humanity has many more possibilities.”

“Which one?”

“I don’t know that, I can’t see it. “Ask the owner who took away my abilities.”

I’m sure I’ll ask Musin about that.

Longinus frowned and said.

“… … Isn’t it just that you can’t see him because he has no soul? “You have star power.”

“No soul? Does this person also have a martial spirit? That can’t be possible? Hmm… … .”

Pythia looked at Seong Ji-han with interest.

“If it’s because of martial arts, the prophecy might work if you see it in person.”

“You won’t be able to see it in person. “Even if the tutorial is over, it is impossible for us to directly intervene on Earth.”

“is it? How is there no way? Too bad… … .”

Since the prophecy doesn’t work in pictures, I wonder if I really want to try it in person.

Pythia could not hide her regret.

Seeing her like that, Dongbangsak spoke.

“There is a way.”

“Which one?”

“As a constellation, we just need to find a sponsor to unite with us.”

“oh… … Unity? “Is that possible?”

“It is possible if there is a target whose gift characteristics fit well with ours. “I found it in Taiwan, and Longinus found it in Russia.”

“Did you say Berserker Vladmir? “I want to get together with this guy quickly and give that kid a true education.”

Wood clatter.

As Longinus clenched his fists and smiled grimly, Pythia grasped the situation.

“Aha, you’re trying to see it in the national competition. Hmm… … If you look at it through, it seems like prophecy is possible, right? “I also need to look for a union partner.”

Pythia then closes her eyes.

Then, a pure white light sparkled on her forehead.

A halo of light emerged in the shape of a third eye.


The pure white eyes looked around the audience.

She opened her eyes again.

“We need to find a kid who fits the bill in the Northeast Asian league, right? “To meet that country.”


“The girl that’s right for me is in an island country to the east.”

“No, have you already found it…?” … .”

“then. “You used your divine eyes.”

At the same time, Pythia slightly raised the corners of her mouth.

“So, shall we make a bet on who will get hit first?”

“… … Are you planning to fight too?”

“uh. It’s a shame that the prophecy doesn’t work. “I want to educate you too.”

Dongbangsak stroked his beard.

You have prophetic abilities, but are you good at fighting?

‘I have experience working as Joan of Arc, but… … .’

At that time, Longinus intervened.

“But what about the Void Witch?”

“I already sent that message. “Please crack down on witches.”

“… … Is that the end?”

“Then you should prepare in your own way, right? “It would be easier for the witch to deal with it now than for me.”


The new Void Witch will be easier to use than Pythia, who has lived for a long time and experienced all kinds of hardships.

“Then let’s leave that problem to them and go get some training.”



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In this way, the servants of the three martial gods began to intervene in the Northeast Asian league in earnest.

* * *

The 4th dungeon.

“It’s finally the last time… … .”

Kristoff looked for the dungeon core of the last large dungeon with a serious expression.

“In the second, there was a fantasy about Yoon Se-ah, and in the third, there was a fantasy about the Sword King… … “I don’t know what will come out this time.”

“Is Jihan coming out? But if you look at the fantasies so far, it seems like a list of bad endings. It might be better not to come out… … .”

“Hmm, let me take a look. “I have to count.”


What scene will appear?

Yoon Se-ah summoned Void Arrow with a nervous face.

Then, the purple light spreads out like it has always done.

A final vision appeared to everyone.

‘This place… … .’

A desolate land engulfed in darkness.

This was a sight that Seong Ji-han would never forget.

[There are no more lower leagues.]

[You have been expelled from the Space League.]

[NO.4212. Humanity has been classified as a worthless species. Deletion begins.]

Humanity lost in the relegation battle and was deleted.

“Save me… … .”

American First’s colleagues are suddenly engulfed in darkness.

[All humanity has been deleted.]

[You have become the last survivor.]

Last moment.

When Seong Ji-han, whose limbs were consumed by darkness, was lying alone on the ground.

[It’s over.]


A brilliant being appeared before him.

An opponent whose shape is unrecognizable, full of colorful light.

But when Seong Ji-han looked at him, he instinctively felt it.

‘The author is a martial artist… … is it?’

As soon as I saw it, hostility boiled deep in my heart.

Seong Ji-han felt murderous intent as he saw the presence of the light.

This was much more intense than when he saw Shizuru, who had given him trouble in this life.

I was so surprised that I wondered why I was like this.

[Is this this time?]


A being of light that looks down on Seongjihan.

He slowly opened his hands.

[Seed. Come into my body.]


Shoooooo… … !

Seong Ji-han’s body instantly turned into light and was sucked into his hands.

The wandering martial god grabbed his palm made of light and bloomed.

I pointed my finger towards the sky.


As the Earth’s sky, engulfed in darkness, completely split apart.

The hidden sunlight poured down like an explosion.

A single movement that lit up the world in an instant.

As Seong Ji-han looked at the power he displayed, he thought of one Chosik.

‘… … Is this really Hengsocheongun?’

The basic technique of the unknown martial arts, the Hoengsocheongun of the Samjaemugeuk.

The martial artist performs this martial art, which is the ultimate horizontal cut, with just one finger movement.

The closed sky was completely opened.

‘really… … ‘Are you trying to beat an opponent like that?’

I thought I had gotten a lot stronger.

The difference between him and me was still more than heaven and earth.

When Seong Ji-han was trembling at the power of Martial God.

[…] … It’s still not enough.]

He said dissatisfiedly as he looked at the completely open sky.

[still… … The end is in sight.]


With those words, the figure disappeared.

And then the fantasy ends.

‘There was a reason why my sister said she was a monster… … .’

The power of Martial God that reopened the sky.

It was by far the most overwhelming opponent I had ever seen.

Fighting with an opponent like that over martial soul?

It was a competition that seemed like nothing more than an act of suicide.

‘… … That’s strange. ‘The killing intent does not cool down.’

Seong Ji-han was once again surprised by his own emotions.

It’s such a difference in power that you could almost give up everything.


I felt like I could fight him.

‘Okay, let’s win.’

Seong Ji-han strengthened his mind like that.

I summarized the differences in this fantasy from my last life.

‘… … There was no vote this time.’

A vote that gave him a chance to try again.

The event that led to a return to the past with 3 votes in favor and 1 vote against did not appear this time.

What was the difference between that time and that fantasy?

While Seong Ji-han was thinking about this.

“eww… … “Is this the destruction of humanity?”

“If Jihan had been the last survivor, I guess I would have died too.”

“no… … But is it really the end of humanity if we are kicked out of the Space League?”

“So, that’s right. Oppa, Battlenet… … “Was it that dangerous?”

“This fantasy… … “I hope it’s just an illusion.”

People who had seen the vision together began talking about it one by one.

Perhaps because they saw a future in which humanity would be destroyed, people’s expressions were the most serious they had ever been.


“At the end, it ended with just a flash of light… … “What happened?”

“Uncle, did you see anything else?”

Except for Seong Ji-han, no one had seen Mu-shin’s actions properly.

“I don’t know.”

“But looking at the fantasy, it really seems like a list of bad endings. what the… … Is mom stuck watching things like this? “I don’t think it would be good for her mentally.”

A fantasy where one’s family is ruined and humanity is destroyed.

Even a sane person would go crazy if they saw something like this.

“There were no clues about Jia, but… … “Now that we have eliminated all the large dungeons, we can now enter the Abyss.”

“Right. Let’s get it out quickly. “Mom will be there, right?”

“Just a moment before that, Ariel.”

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssss… … .

When Seong Ji-han called Ariel, the shadow sword disappeared and she appeared.

“Tell me a little about the Abyss.”

“I don’t know much about the Abyss. “Because it is an area covered by the void, there are so many different changes.”

“hmm. okay? “Is there anything I need to prepare?”

“The surrounding dungeons have been cleared, so entry will be possible. Why not go scouting once? “With you and the Sword King, we can escape from any enemy.”

“okay. Good idea. “I don’t know what might pop up in the Abyss, so my brother-in-law and I will go first and figure out the power.”

No matter how strong an enemy appears from the Abyss.

Seong Ji-han and the Sword King were enough to deal with it.

The investigation team decided that Seong Ji-han and the Sword King would enter first, just like when they first explored the huge dungeon.

“I am… … .”

“You are waiting.”

“Tsk, I need to become a diamond quickly.”

Seong Ji-han and the King of Swords came to scout the Abyss, leaving Yoon Se-ah on standby from afar.

Unlike the dungeon portal, the Abyss was located in cracked ground.

Powerful monsters jumped out of the dark red cracks.

“It’s annoying.”

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Hoengsocheon County Army

Seong Ji-han was imitating the warrior Heng So-cheon, whom he had seen in a fantasy a moment ago.

The monsters were cut down like autumn leaves.

‘As expected, it’s not like that yet.’

Unlike the god of war who splits the sky with his fingers.

Seong Ji-han, no matter how hard he tries, all he gets is hundreds or thousands of cuts.

Of course, hundreds and thousands may seem like enormous power to others.

As the comparison partner was a martial artist, Seong Ji-han seemed to be lacking in martial arts skills more than ever.

‘I need to train my basic balls again.’

Seong Ji-han went ahead and arrived at the entrance of the Abyss, wiping out monsters.

Seong Ji-han looked at the crack beneath the ground, overflowing with dark red energy.

“Let’s go in. “Brother-in-law.”



Just like that, Seong Ji-han and the Sword King jumped up at the same time and entered the crack.

[The owner of the Abyss has changed the entry conditions for the Abyss.]

[Only players belonging to the Grand Master League can enter the Abyss.]

[Belonging to the Platinum League.]

[You cannot enter the Abyss.]


Both people were blocked by a dark red film and their bodies were thrown away.

“… … what? Grand Master League?”

Master League and Grand Master League added when came to this game.

Abyss blocked the two from even entering, saying that only a Grand Master could come.

“These… … “Are you kidding me?”

The feverish Sword King threw his white sword into the crack with all his might.

Ting! Ting!

The shield blocking the crack bounced all the swords away.

[Due to the sudden change in conditions, the Abyss’s activity range is drastically reduced.]

[Monsters appearing in the Abyss are weakened.]

Due to a sudden change in conditions, Abyss received its own penalty.

From South Korea’s perspective, it was good because the number of monsters coming out of North Korea was reduced significantly.

For Seong Ji-han and his party who were trying to rescue Seong Ji-ah, it was an absurd change.

“Brother-in-law… … “Can we break that thing down together?”

“great. Let’s break it down.”

The two could not let go of their regrets and poured all their power into the crack.

The barrier didn’t budge.

After 3 hours of beating like that.

“Well, what is it? this. “Can’t I get in?”

After hearing about the situation, Yoon Se-ah and her group looked at the crack with an expression of bewilderment.

Only Grand Master Rigger is in the position.

Are there any conditions like that?

“Oh really… … mom! I’m here! Open the door! Void Arrow!”

Seong Ji-han and the Sword King’s wild attack.

Yoon Se-ah also added her part and fired an arrow.

Although it was much less powerful than the other two.

Suuuuu… … .

Perhaps because it was a void attribute, it did not bounce around like other attacks.

“oh… … Does it work?”

Yoon Se-ah saw that and continued to fire Void Arrow.

“… … “It doesn’t work.”

The Void Arrows only continued to be absorbed and could not penetrate the barrier.

Although it was a sacred group that invested several days like that.

In the end, there were no results.

“… … This won’t work. “Let’s back off for now.”

“… … okay.”

Seong Ji-han and his party were blocked by the conditions for entering the Abyss right in front of their eyes and had to retreat.

“I need to level up.”

“ha… … That’s right. Grand Master League… … .”

When everyone is feeling lost and trying to meet the entry conditions.

“… … uh. Now, wait a minute. I, the constellation… … .”

Yoon Se-ah, who was also gloomy next to me, opened her eyes in disbelief.

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