I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 238

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Episode 238: Owner of the Fallen Spirit (4)

―You have succeeded in defeating the dungeon boss monster «Owner of the Corrupted Spirit».

―The level of 5 party members has increased by 1 each.

―With the effect of the passive skill 《Idun’s Compassion》, the user’s Free Distribution stat increases by 5!

The sound of the system you hear.

Along with that, Jaehyun could see that his teammates’ levels had risen.

5 freely distributed stats. This was a reward that brought a smile to Jaehyun’s lips.

“Somehow, the boss was defeated. His skills have improved a lot?”

Jaehyun said that while trying to hide the joy of acquiring stats.

Kim Yu-jung crossed her arms and nodded.

“of course! Do you know that we didn’t do anything while you were gone?”

“Well, as Yoo-jung said, I did my best.”

Ahn Ho-yeon accepted her words.

Jaehyun was genuinely impressed.

It seems easy to say, but it must have taken a lot of effort for them to have that level of skill.

‘To grow this much in such a short time. That’s great.’

I was just a little bit impressed.

Of course, the main reason for that impression was the increase in his own stats.

‘It’s because leveling up has been difficult lately, so the rise in stats has been relatively stagnant.’

Jaehyun’s current level had already risen to the top of the human world.

The problem was that as you leveled up and got stronger, it became more difficult to go up to the next level.

Raider leveling basically boasts a high level of difficulty. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the difficulty increases exponentially.

‘That’s why artifacts that raise a lot of stats are traded at high prices.’

Artifacts are the easiest way for Raiders to level up.

Of course, it was a problem that it cost a lot of money, but the level of the radar does not rise after the age of 20. And even if you don’t raise the level with difficulty, you can easily raise the level.

For this alone, the Artifact has given radars a tremendous boost in efficiency.

Among those artifacts, the pinnacle. It was Jaehyun who had a few things that others couldn’t even see.

‘By the way, if the Aesir system exists to train Einherjar… … Why did they put restrictions on Awakeners so that they can no longer grow when they reach the age of 20?’

Jaehyun suddenly thought of that, but then shook his head.

I thought maybe it wasn’t for a good reason.

There will come a day when this will be revealed.

Right now, there are already piles of things to worry about. It was better to put this issue aside and think about it later.

“Anyway, mining is over. The dungeon will be closed in a little while, so let’s get ready to leave.”

Jaehyun said and took the lead.

I got five stat points and arc metal without doing anything. A very fruitful dungeon raid has finally come to an end.

Circle Nine’s first autonomous mission.

It was the end of the red mission.

* * *

It didn’t take long to get out of the dungeon and visit the mayor’s office again.

Right now, the members of Circle Nine were alternately looking at Go Pil-seong, who was sweating coldly, and Jeong-chan, who was watching with his hands tied.

They were sitting on the sofa.

Go Pil-seong was trying hard to guess what was happening by examining the complexion of Jeong-chan and Jae-hyun.

Amidst the suffocating stillness. Jaehyun opened his mouth.

“I knew from the beginning. The mayor and the person named Jeong-chan here were thinking of using us.”

“… … There seems to be some misunderstanding… … .”

Go Pil-seong quickly grasped that his situation was not good and held out his flippers. I don’t know why this happened, but I am sure of one thing.

Jaehyun right in front of you is not an easy opponent!

‘I have no choice but to avoid it as much as possible right now.’

However, it was not a representation that did not know this.

He had already guessed all of Go Pil-seong’s intentions.

Jaehyun said, putting his hands on his knees.

“I am not broad-minded enough to understand liars.”

“Are you saying I’m lying? That’s kind of hard to say, though.”

Go Pil-sung said that with a rare expression on his face.

He was now showing the composure of a politician. He never loses his composure even when he is in a rush.

Isn’t that a virtue that politicians should have?

Go Pil-seong looked at Jae-hyun, reflecting on the situation so far.

He thought for a moment.

‘Jung-chan is an A-class radar. No matter how many students there were, it was never to the extent that they were dragged hand and foot tied like this.

That means… … Sounds like they did something different. In addition, there is a high possibility that he already has a hand that can put pressure on me. But I can’t take it lightly here.’

It was a quick-witted Gopilseong.

Instinctively, he knew Jaehyun and his colleagues would ask him for something.

I also knew that at a timing like now, it was necessary to give them what they wanted in moderation.

“Let’s clear up misunderstandings and let’s finish the mission in a good way.

Since you did a great job with the request, I’ll give you twice as many points as you said at the beginning.”

“Sorry, but it’s time over.”

At that time, Jaehyun’s words suddenly fell. This left more than enough to embarrass Ko Pil-seong.

“… … yes?”



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“I think you see it as water… … Are you trying to negotiate on a topic that was meant to cause mission failure and suck the honeydew?”

Jaehyun made a cold face as he said that.

“Aren’t you curious? How we managed to capture Jeong-chan, a Class A raider.”

At those words, Go Pil-seong’s body trembled and goose bumps appeared all over his body.

at the same time.


Suddenly, I felt the whole building shake by an unknown force.

“no way.”

Jaehyun lifted his head and opened his magic. Overwhelming magical power that is incomparable to A-class, which is the state of dining.

This was a level far beyond Jeong-chan’s.

Jaehyun laughed.

“Do you think I overpowered him by a fluke?”

* * *

“Hey… … Taking out up to 4 million points per person! As expected Jaehyun, your threat is the best. I like that one!”

Kwon So-yul smiled broadly at the points deposited in the academy’s electronic bank.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s performance a little while ago, he was able to extract a whopping 4 million points per person from Go Pilseong.

The negotiation itself went easily. It was thanks to Jeong-chan already telling Jae-hyeon of Go Pil-seong’s plan, and Jae-hyeon even finished recording it beforehand.

As for the high quality, there is no escape.

Even if he could escape in the first place, turning Jaehyun into an enemy was a very dangerous choice for him.

Jeong Chan and Go Pil-seong have a deep relationship with the Radar Management Headquarters.

However, as Jaehyun revealed, he was one of the raiders belonging to him. It also reproduces being in the position of a special agent who has a deep connection with the upper class.

In the midst of that, even if it’s a market, the high writing quality goes against Jae-hyun’s planting?

If something like this happened, you could be seriously injured. In this case, it was right to reach an agreement even if it resulted in a loss.

‘With this amount, I can finally buy it at the academy.’

Jaehyun clenched his fists while looking at his bank app.

Before the return, an amount that was not dared to be imagined was stamped.

Balance: 12,150,000 (Points)

A whopping 12.5 million points.

It was an excessive amount for a single freshman to collect.

Before returning, Jaehyun had never touched this amount of money even though he had been attending an academy for three years. He broke the previous record within a few months of the tax return.

‘You’ve collected a lot. Well, it’s because I’ve been collecting points since the first freshman hunt.’

Even at the time of his first admission, Jaehyun set an unmatched record in the freshman hunt and earned huge points.

Not only that, but the small collections from various other events reached the level of millions.

For reference, Jaehyun had already decided on where to use these points.

‘Although it’s still a bit lacking.’

He grinned at the thought.

Jaehyun stopped walking for a moment and looked back at his colleagues.

“You guys earned pretty good points this time, right? There is one thing I want to do for Circle. Will you invest in me?”

It was an anti-force threat.

* * *

After completing the first request, Nine returned and visited the office of the chairman to report on the performance of the mission.

Originally, it would have stopped at the line of passing it on to other instructors. There were several things to check, so Jaehyun contacted Kim Jiyeon separately.

Of course, thanks to my network, I was able to meet her without going through any special procedures.

“… It’s amazing how mission rewards can jump from 1.5 million to 4 million, but… … Something must have happened.

I won’t ask any more about this. Wouldn’t that be better for you too?”

Kim Ji-yeon asked with a smile. Jaehyun nodded her head.

She was also quick-witted, and didn’t bother to pick things up.

‘This is why networking is easy.’

Jaehyun realized once again how precious personal connections are. She did just that by not having to be swept away by various hassles.

In any case, the first mission was successfully completed. As for reproduction, the situation is smooth.

But not everything was over.

“Which guild will you be with for your next mission? Is it Yeonhwa?”

Looking at Jaehyun, Jiyeon Kim asked that question.

The next mission is to clear the dungeon with the guild.

Jaehyun, of course, planned to move with Yeonhwa.

“yes. We are all thinking of taking on the next mission together with Yeonhwa. The conversation with Yoosung and the guild master has already been roughly finished.”

“okay. Then you will know that.”

“Oh, and I have one more request.”

At Jaehyun’s story, Jiyeon Kim tilted her head and put her hands together.

‘I don’t think it’s a mission story. What the hell are you asking for?’

After waiting in silence, Jaehyun’s words came back.

“I want to rent a circle insolvent.”


Kim Ji-yeon was always calm, but there was no choice but to be embarrassed.

Want to rent a circle stale?

“… … As you know, renting a circle insolvency costs a lot of points. It is possible only if there are at least 20 million.”

“Do not worry.”

“… … yes?”

When Kim Ji-yeon asked in a bewildered voice, Jae-hyun laughed.

“I already got them all. 20 million points.”

Jaehyun said and shrugged.

It was. The reason why he has so far been collecting points with little use.

This was to get the circle insolvency.

‘Milles’ circle insolvency can only be rented by a select group of people.’

Although Circle Nine already had a place called Studio Elixir, it was too far away and focused on business.

The need for a space where they can gather, talk and train within the academy was clear.

Jaehyun was also collecting points for this.

On the other hand, most of the expressions of his colleagues who forcibly took away points with his persuasion (?) were not good.

All of them were recalling the conversation they had with Jaehyun a little while ago.

The first to speak was Kim Yoo-jung.

[So, you’re going to rent out the stale now? But wouldn’t it cost a penny or two?]

[So I borrow money from you guys.]

[I can invest as much as I want.]

[Nanana, me too, same!]

[…] I don’t know what you’re trying to do… huh. I will believe I want to help too.]

Ahn Ho-yeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Seo In-na quickly agreed and said they would gladly invest.

It was as Jaehyun expected.

[…] Isn’t taking away the worst thing? Ugh. okay. you can give it If you give… .]

It was Kwon So-yul who made the most disturbing expression.

However, Jaehyun knew.

That this rental of insolvency will help colleagues grow even faster.

The goal of reproduction was clear.

‘We raise our children to A-level, and furthermore, to S-level as soon as possible.’

Also, the goal was not impossible. their hard work and enthusiasm.

and… …

If only there was a little bit of giddiness.

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