I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 378

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Chapter 378. Brock-Eytri Brothers (3)

Jaehyun was able to realize one thing for sure at this opportunity.

There are many principles that move the world, and all kinds of variables work.

The most effective among them is money and fists!

He smiled viciously at the two dwarf brothers in front of him.

“therefore. You shouldn’t have been called a slave. And you’re so gullible Who in the world would sell a slave for two gold coins? The limbs are intact like this.”

I’m not advocating slavery, but it was absurd. Moreover, it is Jaehyun who felt a lot of anger toward Kim Yoojung.

Are you worth only two gold coins?

Where on earth would you treat a god with a status like that?

Jaehyun felt sad, and subordinated the two brothers to sign a contract.

[Labor and Labor Contract]

This is a document about the conclusion of a contract between A (Min Jae-hyeon) and B (Brock-Atri brothers).

B must provide A with 30 years of labor (as a field manager), and A provides 2 gold coins each time B manufactures equipment.

At this time, it is a principle that materials are provided by A, and if this is violated, the labor contract is automatically terminated.

…*When A or B deliberately forges the contract due to the effect of magic, or does not keep it properly, the contracting party dies.

In fact, it is a terrible contract that is almost at the level of exploitation, except for the part where A said he would provide materials to Eul.

Before the return, the contents that were not even seen in the reproduction that was rolled in the radar agency.

However, the Broc-Atri brothers couldn’t refuse Jaehyun’s offer.

In the first place, it was a threat, not an offer.

“Why are you crying so much?”

“… Ah, no matter how much it is, making mythical equipment for two gold coins is not worth it, even for us… .”

“Was the unit price of my labor power two pieces?”

“… … .”

The two brothers looked at each other in deep silence, rolling their eyes. They were now unable to escape with their artifacts.

Now you have become a slave to this human being!

A slave who only makes equipment!

“… under.”

“Did you sigh?”

Jaehyun just asked, but Eitri waved his hand in fright.

“Oh, no… no.”

The names were quickly sorted out. It happened automatically because I had just witnessed the impotence of representation with my own eyes.

In the first place, what is the ‘A’ of the contract?

Isn’t it a word that has turned many people into powerful people and terrible workers?

Jae-hyun is now the clear leader and can return.

All that was left was to return to Nidavellir and put them to work. There is no need to worry, as long as you get the necessary items in moderation.

“egg plant.”

Saying that, even at the moment Jaehyun took the lead, they were whispering to each other and plotting a plan. Its contents were as follows.

“Yeah, but brother… Why don’t you ask the Black Lion’s left sole to solve it somehow? No matter how wrong we are, you won’t help us because we’re all dwarves!”

“of course! He is the strongest dwarven warrior. Maybe you can easily subdue him too!

I think the black lion’s left sole is a courageous dwarf who will stand up against the Aesir god!”

… It was an absurd story, but the absolute weak cannot recognize the strong.

Since they were people who did not even have eyes to distinguish how strong the representation in front of them was, the meaning itself did not exist.

Unfortunately, they believed that black soles would save them.

One, unfortunately.

‘You damned dwarves say you can hear it all.’

Jaehyun could hear all their conversations. The effect of hearing, which was strengthened by gaining a reputation, was more amazing than expected.

Also, they are not a race that is fluent in magic enough to use telepathy.

Jaehyun watched as the brothers clenched their fists. I was barely able to resist the fact that I was amazed at his steadfast appearance.

Jaehyun was thinking of teaching them how to handle slaves properly.

Of course, by the time they get slaves, the war will be over, slavery will be abolished, and they will still be living in poverty.

* * *

“I am here.”

Within a few hours of that, a terrifying and cold voice was heard in the ears of the Nine members.

Jaehyun is back.

That too, dangling a dwarf dangling from each arm.

He said that the dwarves’ legs were too short and their running was slow, so he grabbed them by the collar and jumped up.

The members were feeling a lot of debt and fear towards him due to the ‘rock-paper-scissors manipulation’ situation they had committed.

Jaehyun smiled and took one step closer to his colleagues.

“For now, Hoyeonah. Let’s start with you.”

“Now, wait. Jaehyun… At that time, I was just crazy for a moment!”

Kim Yoo-jung was frightened and stabbed him in the side. However, those words were already an act no different from their own confession. Kwon So-yul’s complexion turned blue.

this is dangerous… … !

Jaehyun, who was enslaved by the dwarves for three days and did a lot of hard work.

The dark circles under his eyes were not unusual.

If you go like this, your turn will surely come.

I didn’t want it to die. then.

“Jae, Jaesang. why did you… After that, I went so far to send my juniors… .”

“… … ?”



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Lee Jae-sang tilted his head and looked at Kwon So-yul. I couldn’t understand the meaning of it, so those good-looking eyes pricked my conscience.

sorry… !

But I have to live too!

When Kwon So-yul said that, Ahn Ho-yeon had already suffered.

He was slumped to the floor, shivering.

The intermittent shaking of the body was unnerving to even pretend to see.

The power of Jaehyun, who gained more status and became stronger, seems to be more than he thought.

The members of Nine also gained strength while climbing the tower, but Jaehyun gained even stronger strength, so it was natural in a way.

“… … .”

Jaehyun was silent for a while, then started walking in the direction of Kwon Soyul and said.

“hmm… Senior Soyul. You mean the chancellor hyung did it wrong?”

“that… yes.”

It was Kwon So-yul who felt excessive remorse for being good at lying.

As she lengthened her horse’s tail, Jaehyun grinned.

He was approaching himself, not Lee Jae-sang.

“That… Do you think I will believe it?”

My back felt chills and cold sweat began to flow all over my body.

Kwon So-yul was convinced at that moment.

‘I’m crazy… To make such a clumsy mistake… !’

It was.

Kwon So-yul chose the wrong person to overwrite!

Because Lee Jae-sang is not a great man to do such a thing. Kwon So-yul was in a state of urgency and lamented over his mistake, and did not know what to do.

Just like that, that was when Jaehyun approached her.

“… … Jaehyun, wasn’t it difficult?”

Seo In-na’s voice cut in the middle.

Before Jaehyun could even turn his gaze to that direction, he began to feel the scent of all sorts of food and spices coming from the tip of his nose. Life returned to his eyes.

This smell…

Apple Pie? And even galbijjim with lots of beef… .

“Either you… You cooked!”

Jaehyun said so with a thrilled expression on his face. He was genuinely happy.

Even if it wasn’t so, he was the one who ate food that wasn’t food at the Brock-Atri brothers’ smithy. Roasted elk meat that was hunted without salt, or even soup with everything in it.

It was hardly fit for human consumption.

But I never thought Seo Ina would have cooked it herself!

When Jaehyun was thrilled like that. Kim Yoo-jung was still, and she cautiously intervened while watching him.

“This time, I didn’t even touch the cooking as a sign of self-reflection… .”

Jaehyun feels even more happy and snatches Poppy from her arms and hugs her.


Poppy turned her head away at the smell of Seo In-na’s food, as was typical of her taste, but Jae-hyun’s stomach was more important to fill.

Now, the thought of being able to eat food like food properly stimulated the primal senses of his brain.

Meanwhile, at that time.

Only one person had his head on the floor with a sad expression on his face.

“… … If there was such a thing, I wish I had taken it out before I got hit… .”

It was Ahn Ho-yeon.

He was the only victim and was rolling on the floor.

A cool breeze blew through his gray hair.

This is an obvious tragedy.

He couldn’t help but think that way.

* * *

“so. All necessary materials are twelve claws of ‘Black Wyvern’, six wings of ‘Elite Harpy’, core of Stone Golem, etc… In all, you mean thirty-eight in all?”

Jaehyun asked the Brock-Atri brothers about the materials needed to make the equipment, and organized them all.

After all, it was not a joke from the number of ingredients because I had to make all of my colleagues’ own. thirty eight. No, it was exactly that kind of thing.

No matter how much he thought about it, he sighed, but he didn’t say anything.

What can I do? The blacksmith said it was needed to make it.

“Then, as for the ingredients, Hoyeon, you, Jaesang hyung, Kim Yoojung, and Ina all went together. Hella and Soyul sunbae follow me.”

Jae-hyun showed Daren the three or four rune stones he had accidentally obtained a while ago, confirming their identity.

As expected, the identity of the stone he picked up was a runestone.

Daren said with a surprised expression, probably not knowing that Jaehyun would get the runestone.

“If we can find more runestones this quickly… It might not be difficult to proceed with engraving only with the undiluted solution.”

Jaehyun smiled. It was bingo.

Just as he had thought, collecting a lot of runes would greatly increase the efficiency of engraving.

In the first place, the number of runestones that Daren had was not that many.

Even that was already used, and most of the diluted solution was left over.

However, since Jaehyun found a way to supply it, there is no reason not to go collect it.


Jae-hyun decided to take Kwon So-yul, who is good at finding paths, and Hella, who is good at large-scale battles. They were included in the runestone expedition.

Of course, he is in charge of directing. He was thinking of doing nothing but giving advice.

The reason was simple.

“I can’t suffer alone. I want you two to suffer as much as I suffered for the three days.”

“… … Is your back end too long?”

“Iknow, right… .”

It was the words of Kwon So-yul and Hella, but Jae-hyeon’s ferocious impression instantly turned them into a mix. Seeing them with their mouths closed, Jaehyun laughed evilly.

“Now, everyone, go to your work! You make equipment! Daren, you imprint! What are you doing? Aren’t you working quickly?”

‘… … that guy… He became a slave and he learned to be a slave himself.’

This time, it was the specialty of the black-haired sole that was intimidating.

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