I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 392

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Episode 392: Dungeon (2)

Jae-Hyun and Kim Yoo-Jung, who climbed down the beanstalk again, spread out the map Mimir gave them.

Finally, Asgard. It was because they had to head to Odin’s stronghold.

Of course, boldly entering the entrance is another matter, and this time I’m just going in hiding… Anyway, the feeling was a little new.

From the beginning, his target was Odin.

The moment he decided to kill his father and live a new life.

The first time he encountered Hugin and learned that a man named Odin was involved in the case.

In all situations, Jaehyun always calmly tried to give the best answer.

It was the same this time, and this is the result.

Risking his life, he infiltrates Asgard’s prison. There he rescues Frey, who will become his best ally.

Turn Freya into an ally. The power of the Valkyrie army is brought here.

If you can do that, at least the number of allies will not be pushed back in the second war. It meant that he would not feel the lethargy he experienced in the city of the elves in the past.

“after… What kind of person is Frey anyway?”

“You must be handsome.”

Jaehyun just said that. In fact, he was one of the most famous gods in mythology, so he was a natural story.

However, after thinking about it for a while, an unexpected story came back from her mouth.

“I-I am that… … It’s good to be good-looking, but I like being good-looking in moderation.”

Then he said, ‘God is not my type… .’

Jaehyun was dumbfounded, but thought this was also her strong point.

Even just believing in yourself and going with you in a dangerous moment like now.

she believes in herself More than anyone.

Because of that, she decided to sacrifice herself twice.

It would have been impossible without deep trust.

“Kim Yoo-jung.”

“… ok?”

“Somehow, stick well next to me.”

“Aren’t you going to do that anyway?”

After Kim Yoo-jung stuck out her tongue, she took the lead with her reddened cheeks, then stopped in place. She smiled at Jaehyun and she stood beside her.

“You’re afraid to stop because you’re so ahead of the gilchiju.”

“… … it was bad really Pretend you don’t know.”


Of course, I didn’t listen and answer properly, but this was like two people.

When you start to be too conscious of it, you end up distant, but when you’re next to each other, it’s a relationship that ends up being warmer than anyone else.

That was the consciousness Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung had for each other.

* * *

Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil before heading to the dungeon.

We need to get to the center of it.

Basically, Yggdrasil is divided into three roots, but above. This is because there are three worlds in Middle-earth and three worlds above it.

Among them, Asgard is the best. It is also centrally located.

In order to head there, Jaehyun had to head a little higher.

Anyway, the place I was a moment ago was almost at the bottom. Mimisbrunn’s position was at the bottom of the World Tree.

Reaching the top couldn’t be easier.

It was because I thought that Odin couldn’t have made the road to Asgard so easy.

Well, I would have done that even if I was myself, so I decided to think that there was nothing I could do about it. Isn’t the enemy one of the sages who have realized the rune language?

Since he was a smart guy who climbed to the top of Asgard, Jaehyun didn’t think he would be able to deal with him easily from the start.

“It’s nice to have a map, though.”

After Kim Yoo-jung said that, she looked around.

The surroundings are an unknown structure with randomly carved murals and pillars. There were all sorts of piles of stones and rubble.

Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung were currently climbing the stairs to the hidden upper level. It was easy to understand that it was a kind of emergency staircase concept that could be used because you had succeeded in climbing the tower in the past.

“I know. Anyway, there are no monsters. Going to Asgard itself shouldn’t be a big problem. Well, the problem comes next.”

After Jaehyun reached Asgard, he had to head to the dungeon where Frey was.

‘And to do that, I need a stealth class. I have stealth, but Kim Yoo-jung’s case is different. of course… I’ve already finished all the preparations for that.’

Jaehyun was walking with a cloak over Kim Yoojung.

Kim Yoo-jung pursed her lips and muttered.

“Do you really have to keep wearing this? It’s a little hot… .”

“Being hot is better than dying.”

Jaehyun calmly responded. Well, she agreed with a small voice.

The cloak she is wearing now. It was an invisibility cloak with stealth effects applied. An S-class artifact specialized in hiding one’s identity.

The duration of that skill was long, and the biggest advantage of all was that the duration did not pass unless he moved.

As soon as Jaehyun saw this item, he bid on it at the auction house, and bought it with an amount of money that was not noticeable even after taking it off a little.

It was natural since he had planned to invade Asgard with Kim Yoo-jung from the beginning.

Even he is not sure that he can survive if his identity is revealed there. No matter how strong you become, what if the Æsir gods kill your reappearance?

If such a worst-case scenario happens, Jae-hyun will surely die.

How much more so is Kim Yoo-jung?

For this reason, Jaehyun bought an invisibility cloak and gave it to her.

Maybe this item will be of great help later on.

“It seems to be halfway through now. If you go a little further, you will be on the top floor.”

The two of them had already climbed the stairs for hours.



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It was fortunate that he was not tired because he was a radar.

If he was a normal person, he would have been struggling with mana poisoning and waiting for the day he would die.

* * *


Trickster is now standing in the ruins of Vanaheim.

In the past, this place was the home of the Vanir gods, such as Frey and Freya.

However, before the first Ragnarok even begins due to Odin’s attack. This place has become a sea of ​​fire. Now only the shape of the shattered kingdom remains.

Loki has been there for several days now. He was recalling memories of the past by wandering around the remains of those who perished throughout the nine worlds.

The memory of a certain human being and the scars of war. And it was in order to regain his strength and gain the highest rank again.

In fact, since he is the best being in mythology, it doesn’t show too much, but Loki was in a fairly weak state.

In order to regain that power, I had to go through the past records like now.

Everywhere he hid fragments of himself.

Each time he finds and absorbs them, he will become a little stronger.

It was the same here in Vanaheim.

“No matter how I look at it, I can’t adapt.”

Loki groaned and put his hands in his pockets. He contemplated the undying landscapes with a frown, which is rare.

I have been to many worlds so far.

I deliberately didn’t overlap with the adversary, but Jotunheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim, etc…

He retrieved numerous fragments of himself that had been abandoned in the ruined places of the world.

Perhaps Asgard and Odin did not know that they had hidden fragments of power in this way.

Before signing the dirty contract for the first time, Loki had already been captured by Odin himself by hiding his power in several places.

The reason for sharing the power was to keep the excessive divinity and mana in one place and not be noticed by him.

Thanks to that, except for one powder, his powers were now back.

“Now I can move properly even in war. Odin… I could give him a shot.”

Loki smiled brightly, trying to erase the dark expression on his face.

In the war that started again, he remembered exactly what he had to do.

The promise I made with the three Norn sisters.

And the story Mimir told him.

Loki will never forget this.

Just like he did, he won’t forget anything from the past.

he thought so.

* * *

It was already dawn when Jaehyun arrived in Asgard.

Bustling Asgard, where the sun always seems to rise, also has a time when it is locked in the deep night. Jaehyun realized that he had arrived here at the right time and at the right time.

As soon as he arrived, he overpowered the gatekeeper waiting in front and ended his life. He didn’t mean to go hard, just to be nice here.

These people were already like magic beasts to Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung.

Anyway, they agreed to Odin’s command, and how many people were sacrificed because of that? That alone gives a valid justification for their deaths.

‘… know. That this is just an assortment match.’

But I couldn’t help it.

Hadn’t Jaehyun already made up his mind several times? In order to protect precious things, sometimes you need to become a wicked person.

A moment of hesitation, my colleague’s. It is a world where the family’s throat is cut off.

He will never let such a tragedy happen in that world.

That determination will not be shaken.

To do that, he needed strength.

A strong force that will prevent anyone from harming themselves, their families and colleagues.

“let’s go.”

Kim Yoo-jung also agreed with Jae-hyun’s will and shook her head. The point at which she, too, decided to stand by Jae-hyeon’s side, was the point at which she understood that she could often go through the same situation as now.

I couldn’t be afraid of killing someone now.

That death is inevitable in war, she regretfully realized at the moment of her death.

The one that activated Soul Link. On the day he decided to sacrifice instead of Jaehyun, his own life had already been cut off once.

definitely remember His own soul was completely shattered.

If it wasn’t for Loki’s body, everything would have definitely ended. Next… Could he have gone to Helheim?

I didn’t know for sure, but I was certain that it was better to survive.

‘I have to move forward without being shaken.’

Kim Yoo-jung firmly believed and carefully looked at Jae-hyun’s broad back.

Without realizing it, a smile leaked out.

The two walked through the darkness of Asgard together and cautiously walked towards the lower level.

So, about two hours. before the morning sun rises.

The two eventually found the dungeons of Asgard, where the Viruhan.

However, I met a man with a truly wonderful beauty.

This time, Kim Yoo-jung was convinced.

That god is unmistakably Frey.

… I’ve never seen such a handsome person before… there is no

Her head turned to Jaehyun for a moment. Kim Yoo-jung’s cheeks turned red, but she soon returned to normal.

Jaehyun looked ahead, ignoring the sudden, burdensome gaze. The energy she felt there. It was because the nerves of my body were on edge without my knowledge.

“Are you the enemy?”

At that moment, a voice came from a man in prison.

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