Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 59

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[59] Shina (2) under the moonlight

But without saying a word, Shina was just looking down at the ground.

Shirone felt heavy at the sight of her depressed self.

Had it not been for an accident in his childhood, he could have developed into a good relationship with Armin.

But I couldn’t blame Armin for suddenly getting married.He left Sina on his own to relieve his beloved sister’s guilt.

Ned grumbled as if he didn’t like it.

“Well, I know a man and a woman, but I don’t know.”

“I can’t do it,”Not everything in the world goes its way.”

“You’ve been so cold at school, and honestly, I don’t want to see that.”

Nade, who was angry with his fists clenched, moved quickly and approached Seena.



“We’re hungry.Now that I’ve come out, please buy me a meal.”

Sheena put an absurd look on her face.Today’s home invasion they committed was not enough to be disciplined by the school.I can’t believe you asked me to buy you a meal in such a situation.

“You’re very fast-paced,”Do you eat in this situation?”

“What’s the matter with you asked.Even if you’re disciplined, you’ll have to fill your stomach.You learn magic to make ends meet anyway.”

Shironet interrupted.

“Yes, sir,”Eat before you go home.I’m hungry, too.”

said Iruki.

“In that sense, one suggestion would be that we should go into the aristocracy first.The school is close by anyway, and I know a very delicious and expensive restaurant there.”

Sheena’s motivation to be annoyed disappeared.The disciples’ attitudes were natural, but I vaguely guessed why they were doing this.She also didn’t want to go back to school in this mood.Anyway, today is a holiday.

“All right, I see.You must have been tired from doing bad things, so let’s eat first.But when you get back to school, you’ll have to be prepared.”

“Hehe! Yes!”

Ned winked back at his friends.The primary purpose is to relieve Shina’s mood, but he also calculated the room to take time to ease the disciplinary action.

The aristocratic district was lined with all kinds of luxurious shops.Iruki took Shina to the most brilliant store.In front of the six-story building, Shirone opened his mouth wide.

The entrance was different from the beginning as the well-known aristocrats attended.A pillar carved from the whole white shark supported the balcony ceiling, and marble carved into a fantastic deity guarded the left and right sides like a prayer.

Restaurant Gold Cupid.

It was a top-notch restaurant with a premium on all foods.

“Wow! I’ve never been here before.It must be a great day today.Shironet, let’s get in here.”

“Oh? Well, you know…….”

Shironet examined Shina.As expected, he looked up at the sign with a rotten smile.It was the most expensive restaurant in the neighborhood, so it was understandable.Above all, Iruki couldn’t have chosen such a restaurant without thinking of peeling off the teacher.

But she didn’t get angry.Rather, he sighed as if he could not, and entered the entrance coolly.

“Well, let’s eat here.”

“Oh, my teacher!”As expected, the distribution is extraordinary!”

Iruki joined Ned’s flattery.

“What a fool. It is difficult to judge the teacher’s distribution so much.If you’re a certified sixth-class wizard, you can go in and out of this shop like a toilet.Don’t you think so, sir?”

“All right, let’s just get in there.Instead, I’ll just eat and go straight to school.”

Shirone, which is the first restaurant dedicated to aristocrats, was surprised by the scale that was revealed from the threshold.The size seen from the outside and the size seen from the inside were completely different as if they were magic.

The table was so sparse that I thought it was a waste of space, and on one side was a bar decorated with various crystal lights.

Naturally, the guests were aristocrats, and it was clear from the jewelry they wore that they were popular in Creas.

“It’s Shiro! This way!”

Shirone, who was enraptured, went to the table at the sound of his friends calling him.Ned and Iruki looked around from time to time, but there was no sign of nervousness.

The waiter approached and took the order.He had a greasy impression of swallowing hair, but when his eyes toward Cina were quite sticky, Cyrone’s party was quite displeased.

In school, they are teachers and students, but outside, men must escort women.However, the waiter did not even care about the students, but only looked at Cina.

“Welcome, sir,”Thank you for visiting Gold Cupid.Especially when such a beautiful woman visits the store herself, I don’t know what to do.”

To the extent that it was possible to say that Shirone and his party were deliberately ignored.

“Well, you said it was a top-of-the-line restaurant. How did you train the staff?”I’m not sure if you’d be interested in a flirt like you.’

Ned’s stomach was boiling.His gaze swept through the menu’s price list.Order the most expensive food.I was going to give a punch to a waiter who treated me like a child.

Without thinking, Iruki ordered one course meal after another.Ned, who gained momentum, ordered another course meal.

Shironet was still struggling.In fact, they were all menus I didn’t know.How do you know if braised olaris is meat, fish, or monster tongue?

However, he calmly ordered the same thing as Ned, as he would not be left out.I was worried about the menu that Iruki ordered.

The waiter’s face gradually turned pale as a series of menus served only to VIPs appeared.The first thing that came to mind was whether they could afford to pay.All foods have a premium, but the menu at the lowest price and the highest price is more than three times different.If children who are ignorant of the world were mistaken, there could have been a situation in which they had to pay 12 times the expected price.

The waiter looked anxiously at her.But she was choosing her menu as if she didn’t care.

“I’d like a Dascaux course, please.A bottle of limoness, please.”

She doesn’t enjoy drinking, but sometimes she drinks cognac when she’s feeling down.Limunes was a distilled water with a subtle vanilla scent, and it was popular with women because it was expensive but had a good aftertaste.

“Oh, sir, will you drink?”

“There’s no reason not to, is there?””You’re going into someone else’s house, and I can’t even drink?”

Ned smiled awkwardly.

“Ha-ha. That’s true.Oh, right! You were off duty today, weren’t you?”

When the waiter turned around with his tongue out, Shirone’s party exchanged glances and grinned.But as reason returned gradually, their eyes were filled with anxiety.When I thought all four of them ordered a course meal, the price tag came to my mind.I was worried that I might have given her a useless opportunity at last, but Seena looked insignificant.

The income of certified sixth-class wizards is also in the top 10 percent of aristocratic societies.Furthermore, as he worked at the Alpeas School of Magic, one of the five most prestigious schools in the kingdom, he was able to fully enjoy his life without touching the financial resources of the Oliver school.

“That’s a very successful life,””My teacher,”

It’s not a life of chasing money, but a life of chasing dreams.However, Shironet, the son of a mountain goon, knew better than anyone else that it was not as easy as it sounds.

There were four course meals, so the food kept coming to the table.The people sitting at the other table glanced at me with bored faces.

Shirone and his friends were eager to steal each other’s food without caring.Ned and Iruki were aristocrats, and Shirone was also well versed in table manners, but among his friends, dignity was of no use.

Forks and knives were flying over the table, but Cina was just smiling at her students who were enjoying themselves.

When I was full and the flavor was reduced, I talked about magic like a student at a magic school.It was a pleasant and useful occasion for Shina, too.Ned’s strategy worked, as he could not stop laughing and his gloomy mood was relieved.

“Hehehe. Sir, I’ll give you a drink to the teacher whom this disciple of Bulcho respects.”


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“Hmph! You think I’ll cut you some slack?”I’m not saying anything because it’s a place to eat.Be prepared when you get home.”

“Yes, yes, there is no such thing as that.Here you go.”

Ned’s excellent fellowship shone even in such an occasion.Shina didn’t seem to dislike it, but she received alcohol as she was given.Cognac was quite a strong drink, and Cynah asked anxiously.

“Teacher, aren’t you eating too much?”

“Hoo-hoo, it’s all right.I don’t mind this much.”

“Of course, he’s an authorized sixth-degree wizard, and he’s not the only one who’ll lose to alcohol.”

Ned was positive about whatever Seena said.He was ready to believe that the fork was a trident.

“What? You’re so desperate.But it’s really okay.I’m a strong drinker.”

With Shirone’s concerned gaze, Shirona turned the strong liquor straight again.

One hour later.

“Hey, you! I mean you!Ned.”

“Yes, sir,”

Sheena, who raised her elbows on the table where the tableware had been removed, limped with a flushed face.On the other hand, Shirone’s party stood upright and sweated coldly.

In an hour, a bottle of cognac came to the bottom.

Sheena’s tongue was twisted and her eyes slightly lost focus.Shirone’s party, unable to even turn their heads, exchanged glances only with their eyes moving.

“I’m in trouble. The teacher is drunk.”

Sheena, who was muttering something in a low voice, suddenly bowed her head.Cerra Ned grabbed her arm in a hurry, falling off the chair.

“Are you all right, sir?”It’s time to go home.”

“You troublemaker!”

Sheena, who raised her head, pulled Ned’s ball mercilessly.Ned was dragged away with a painful look on his cheek that stretched like glutinous rice.

“Ouch! It hurts!”

“I mean, listen to me.I want to be a good teacher like Mr. Etella.Don’t be distracted by strange things and study hard.”

“Yes! Yes, sir!”It really hurts!”

“And Shirone, Iruki,”You guys!”


Shirone and Iruki stretched their already upright waist and took a close, angled posture.

“So are you, too.I won’t forgive you if you just trust your talent and try to be slow.It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a bad teacher.I won’t forgive you.”

“No one thinks it’s bad.So get a hold of yourself.”

“Whoosh. Yeah, I know that.Why did I buy it and suffer so much?”Well,”

Shina’s eyelids were half closed and her head fell off.Then he ended up burying his face on the table with his feet as pillows.

“Teacher, do you have to get a hold of yourself?””Teacher? I haven’t even calculated yet.”

“I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed.”


Sheena didn’t answer back.

Ned looked back at his friends with a blank look on his face.However, there was no way that they could be able to take countermeasures.As I was struggling to overcome the difficulties, two men, who were watching from the other table, walked over.

“You’re very drunk, aren’t you?”Shall we have the cab stand by?”

A handsome young man spoke to Shina.Behind him was a Honam-type man with a sly smile.

The eyes of Shiro’s party were cold at the same time.I’ve been aware of it since I came in here.that they had been watching her from the beginning and making lewd remarks.

“Teacher? Sir,”Please pull yourself together.”

The best thing to do was to wake her up as soon as possible and get out.However, I thought I was going to put my upper body up, but I couldn’t stand it and fell down on the table again.The man who caught the word teacher in Ned’s words glistened his eyes and flirted.


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